A Turkoman silver with goldwash bracelet set with carnelians. The Turkoman people of Afghanistan and Tukmenistan are an ancient tribal people. Carnelian is used to ward off evil. This style of bracelet is called a qasli bilezik, worn on special occasions. 1.75 inches wide. SOLD

This striking bracelet is set with green variscite, purple sugilite, jasper and amber. 1.5 inches across, it was made for a medium wrist. 1.75 inches wide. By Victoria Maas Stoll. SOLD

Jewelry by Bennie and Valerie Aldrich:

The predominantly lapis inlaid earrings are 1.25 inches long. SOLD.

The coral, shell, variscite and sugilite bracelet is .75 inches wide and fits a medium wrist. $800.

The butterfly is set with ocean jasper and turquoise. The butterfly itself is 7/8 by 2.5 inches is on a necklace 21 inches in length. $900.