All but the final two bronzes on this page are open edition bronzes by the late Sheridan Oman (1926-1995), who was a friend of my father's and of mine. 

Sheridan Oman, painter and printmaker drew and painted wildlife since childhood. He was born on a farm in New Jersey and later studied art under George Grosz and Kenneth Hayes Miller at the Art Students League in New York City. He moved to the Tucson Mountains on te western edge of Tucson in the 1960s, while he worked for two years as staff artist at the Bronx Zoo he spent eleven years as staff artist at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum before leaving to pursue his art on his own.

Cat 1.jpg

A mother javelina with it's young one. 5.75 inhces across. $300.

sm rabbit.jpg

This baby cottontail, 3 inches high.$125.

cat 2.jpg

Oman rarely sculptured domestic animals (he did  young hound dog once that I recall) but he and his wife had a cat they adored and so.. 4 by 6 inches. SOLD

Oman owl.jpg

This owl is clearly taking your measure. He measures 6.25 inches high. SOLD


A gathering of prairie dogs by Oman. THe ones on all fours are 3 inches long the standing ones are 3 and 2.75 inches tall. Each is and $110.

Rossi Rabbit.JPG

A sleeping bunrab by the well-known and highly talented wildlife artist, Mark Rossi. 5 inches long. $160.

This small (2.25 inches high ) owl is by Morrillo, a Yaqui artist. $85.