Pat Pruitt, metalsmith from Laguna Pueblo, earned Best of Show at this year's Santa Fe Indian Market with a piece entitled Sentinel v1.0  In the form of a traditional Laguna water jar, he spent some 800 hours designing it and fabricating it from zirconium and titanium.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.05.24 AM.png

At left is a pair of laser-etched stainless steel earrings with a traditional Laguna/Acoma pottery design created by his wife, painter Marla Allison. 2.25 inches long. SOLD. The middle pair is laser-etched zirconium, 2.25 inches long and SOLD.  The machine zirconium earrings at far right are 2.5 inches long and SOLD. (SANTA FE)

These designs are cut into the surface of stainless steel using a laser. The frequency of the laser light results in light refracting from the surface in the two colors seen at left. The butterfly motif is 1.25 inches wide and SOLD. The design on the one below -his lightning motif- is based upon an Acoma/Laguna pottery motif. 1.75 inches wide. $775 (we have it in two sizes, the slightly larger one being in TUCSON, the one in Santa Fe has SOLD) The bracelet at right was done at a higher frequency for a more subtle pattern- this is his Mountain pattern. 1 inch wide.  $575. We have it in a men's and a ladies' size. (SANTA FE)

Pat duo.JPG

Both bracelets are laser etched stainless steel. The top one is a lightning and cloud pottery motif created by hsi wife, painter Mara Allison. 1.5 inches wide and it fits a medium-small wrist. $775. Below is a bracelet that was a collaboration with famed Shoshone-Bannock beadworked, Jaime Okuma,  1 inch wide and can also fit a small to medium wrist. $575 (SANTA FE)