These are all from the new, second edition, of Spirit in the Stone, written by Mark Bahti                                                                    and published by  Rio Nuevo Press                                                      ($16.95 in case you were wondering-)

A very fine bison carved of cuprite from the Bisbee Mine, by Todd Westika. 4 inches long. Page 79. $160 (TUCSON)


The antelope at left (4 inches high - page 72), was carved of antler by Max Laate. $125 (TUCSON) At right an eagle carved by Dee Edaakie out of a piece of labradorite that flashes blue (just over 2 inches high including base, pg. 119) $250. (SANTA FE)


The 'skater dude' bear was carved of dolomite by Bremette Epaloose and can be found on page 58. 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches high. SOLD. The jet and shell magpie is by Hayes Leekya. 2.75 inches long. Page 73. $45.  (SANTA FE)


One of Florentino Martinez's highly intricate carvings. This one has both turtle and badger as guardians for the pueblo, resting in a cloud bowl. 1.5 inches high. Page 108. $300 (TUCSON)