These are all from the new, second edition, of Spirit in the Stone, written by Mark Bahti                                                                    and published by  Rio Nuevo Press                                                      ($16.95 in case you were wondering-)

A very fine bison carved of cuprite from the Bisbee Mine, by Todd Westika. 4 inches long. Page 79. $160 (TUCSON)


The antelope at left (4 inches high - page 72), was carved of antler by Max Laate. $125 (TUCSON) At right an eagle carved by Dee Edaakie out of a piece of labradorite that flashes blue (just over 2 inches high including base, pg. 119) $250. (SANTA FE)

A marvelous golden mother of pearl snake by Kent Banteah. 5.5 inches long. Page 90. $84.  (TUCSON)

The 'skater dude' bear was carved of dolomite by Bremette Epaloose and can be found on page 58. 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches high. $75 The jet and shell magpie is by Hayes Leekya. 2.75 inches long. Page 73. $45.  (SANTA FE)


One of Florentino Martinez's highly intricate carvings. This one has both turtle and badger as guardians for the pueblo, resting in a cloud bowl. 1.5 inches high. Page 108. $300 (TUCSON)

From page 124: a host of Corn Maidens carved of spondylus shell (spiny oster shell) by Talia Quandelacy. 3.25 inches high and 4 inches across. SOLD (SANTA FE)

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The acrylic bear is by Todd Westika. Page 124. 3 inches long. SOLD .(SANTA FE) The Egyptian marble horse was carved by Abby Quam. 2 inches long. $48 (TUCSON)


A pair of gamboling mountain lions, carved of alabaster by Loren Tsalabutie. Page 112. 2.25 inches high and 2.75 inches across. $425 (SANTA FE)