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The Thoka bracelets are statement pieces that can look both elegant and edgy, depending on how it is worn. It is inspired by an antique silver necklace worn among Nepal's Tharu community. Each stud is individually made before being painstakingly joined together. The bracelet is woven together with thread, making it flexible and comfortable to wear. Classic version at left and a contemporary interpretation at right. 7.25" long 1.5" wide. $315

Left to right:

These earrings -Eka- are simple but beautifully crafted. The shape is inspired by an antique choker worn among Nepal's Tharu community. (see bracelets above)  $45. The Duka earrings are part of the Thoka Collection. .5 inch long. $88. The Chauka earrings are .5 inch square and $135.

Meet some of the artisans:

Above is a Hansuli necklace, variations of which were worn in different parts of Nepal and northern India, including in the northwest region of Humla. This piece is based on a design popular within the Tharu community of southern Nepal. It is typically a heavy ornament made of solid silver or a metal composite but this one is worked from pure silver using the repoussé technique, so it is lighter and more wearable. $390.

At right is a necklace based upon those traditionally worn by women from the Tharu community, as above and specifically from  the Dang district. String on black cotton cord. The large bead at the bottom is two inches long. SOLD

The triangle earrings at left are part of the Aaran Collection. In Nepali, Aaran signifies the fire on which metal is heated in the workshop, before being beaten and shaped. 3/8 inch high and across. $48. The square earrings at right are the same size and price. The earrings in the middle are inspired by the Makasi earring, a traditional design worn by women from the Jyapu caste - a Newar farming community in the Kathmandu Valley. 1.25 inch long. $130