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A beautiful knife by Stewart Yellowhorse. One side is inlaid with lace agate and flanked by turquoise while the other side has stamp work texturing. 4 inches long. $360. (SANTA FE)

A coral ring by Lorenzo Shirley, set on a tufa cast base plate, with file & chisel work and a hammered & chiseled ring shank. $450. The spiny oyster shell and turquoise butterfly ring with an adjustable shank is by Rolanda Haloo. 1 3/8 by 1 1/4 inches and $250. (BOTH IN SANTA FE)


A sandcast ring by Kevin Yazzie that matches his buckle on our Buckle Gallery. A size 11. 7/8 across at the widest point. $150. (SANTA FE)

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Monty Claw made this sandcast ring with a classic design. Size 7 1/2.  2.5 inches long. $300. It can be sized - no charge. (SANTA FE)

A sandcast ring by Robby Manuelito who learned from her father. 1.5 inches long and a size 7. $80 SANTA FE

This Navajo overlay ring is set with what appears to be spiderweb turquoise from the Lone Mountain Mine. 1.5 inches long, it is set on classic nice three-split shank with silver drops. $180. (TUCSON)

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A unusual ring by Langston Thompson: a traditional cluster style ring, but instead of turquoise or coral he used watermelon tourmalines! A size 7 1/4. $240. (SANTA FE)

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A great ring made by Floyd Parkhurst and set with with a nice piece of Kingman turquoise. Currently a size 9, it measures 2 by 1.25 inches. $300. (TUCSON)

Navajo jewelry artist Steve Yellowhorse made this adjustable ring set with a fabulous piece of dichroic glass.1 3/8 by 7/8 inches,it is a size 8 but can easily be slide adjusted up or down two full sizes. $250. (TUCSON)

   The cufflinks are by Sheldon and Nancy Westika of Zuni. Their inlay work is so precise. 1/2 inch square and both the turquoise and the lapis are each $210. (TUCSON) Hopi overlay jeweler Anderson Koinva made the eagle keyring. 1 3/8 inch in diameter and $125. (TUCSON) A striking Hopi overlay money clip by Anderson Koinva. It measures 1 by 1.75 inches and is SOLD. (TUCSON) Ron Bedonie made the intricate stamp work key ring with a 14 kt gold sun in the center. 1 1/8 diameter. $250. (Santa Fe)


By Jerry Whagado. a Hopi-Yavapai Apache artist formerly known as Jerry Honwytewa, who studied at the Hopi Guild under Fred Kabotie. The design is a Gaan dancer - an Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer with turquoise, jet, shell, lapis and The top measures 1 3/8 by 1 inch and the ring is a size 13. $600 (TUCSON)