The traditional tufacast rings at left are by Lorenzo Shirley. Each is 1 inch wide and $145 (the plain one has SOLD). The turquoise and the coral ring are by Bernadette Eustace (Cochiti-Zuni). The stones are each 3/8 inch square. The turquoise ring is a size 7 and the coral a size 8. Each is $120. Any of the four rings can be sized (no charge) and all are in SANTA FE

Just under  size 10, this men's ring is set with a great example of nugget turquoise that came out of the Sleeping Beauty Mine, $220. (SANTA FE)

A stunning pin-pendant of a stylized Knifewing Dancer by Eldred Martinez of Zuni. 3.75 inches long. $350. It comes with a serpentine base so it can be displayed as a small treasure of a sculpture when ot being worn. $350. (TUCSON)


A beautifully crafted, nice weight silver ring by award-winning silversmith Arland Ben. 1.75 inches long, we have them in size 9, 10 and 11 (they can be sized) $300 (SANTA FE and TUCSON)


A passel of Navajo sandcast pins by everyone from Frances Jones to Arthur Smith to Allison Manuelito to the Kee family. They range in prices from $26 to $54. We have these and more in Tucson - as well as a nice selection to Santa Fe.

The ring at left is 1.25 by 1 inch and a size7 1/2. By Floyd Parkhurst, Navajo. $135 The one at right is set with turquoise from the Kingman Mine and encircled by square twist wire.  1.5 by just over 1 inch wide. Size 7 1/4 By Craig Agoodie. $220.  And they can be sized to fit - no charge if the change in size is no more than 2 sizes up or down. BOTH IN SANTA FE


Two beautiful letter openers by Anderson Koinva of Hopi. (7 inches long. $325 and $275. BOTH IN TUCSON)


Robert Sorrell's thoughtful attention to detail and design are nicely highlighted in this ring (a size 7 3/4)) Placing the sandcast and inlaid top directly on the shank would have been quick and easy but would have failed to honor the work and design of the top, so he fashioned a large silver 'tube', sculpted to fit the shank and raise the ring top and give it a more sculptural quality. The top measure 1 3/8 by 1 1/8 inc. SOLD. (SANTA FE)

An overlay pendant by the Tohono O'odham silversmith Rick Manuel. A saguaro fruit harvest seen with a hawk wheeling in the sky, 1 1/4 by 1 1/8 inches. $180. The very unique maze pendant came about because Rick realized he had not left quite enough room for a figure....!  1.25 inches across. $220.



By Jerry Whagado. a Hopi-Yavapai Apache artist formerly known as Jerry Honwytewa, who studied at the Hopi Guild under Fred Kabotie. The design is a Gaan dancer - an Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer with turquoise, jet, shell, lapis and The top measure 1 3/8 by 1 inch and the ring is a size 13. $600 (TUCSON)


A pair of Journey design cufflinks by Bernadette Eustace (Cochiti-Zuni). 5/8 inches across. $60. (Santa Fe)

Monty Claw made these two sandcast rings with a classic design. The size 8 1/2 is SOLD and and the size 7 1/2 in Tucson. 2.5 inches long. $300. Either can be sized - no charge.