Many of the large, old canteens were meant to rest differently than this modern one. Specifically the surface with the large unadorned medallion would have been flat and rested on the ground. Despite the change in orientation of the vessel the potter, Beverly Garcia, remained with the traditional design layout.  6 by 6 inches. $150. (TUCSON)

An Older Acoma canteen - roughly 70 years old. 5.5 inches high and 6.775 inches across the handles. $350.(Tucson)

Two views of an Acoma polychrome jar by Loretta Joe. 7 inches high and 7.25 inches across. $150. (Tucson)

The Acoma olla is unsually well documented: it was made by Tonita and Juana Reyes and was purchased new in 1922. Just over 7 inches high and 10 inches across. $875. (TUCSON)

Acoma olla.JPG

Acoma polychrome jar by Beverly Garcia. 9.5 inches high and 8.25 inches across. $300.  (TUCSON)

Wilford Garcia, retired from his law enforcement job, continues to make the whiteware pottery that made him well-known. This red corn vessel is 5.5 inches high and  7.75 inches across. $400. (TUCSON)

acoma parrot.JPG
acoma parrot side.JPG

A large Acoma olla by Lolita Joe with the traditional parrot motif and rainbow bands. Just over 9 inches high and 10.75 inches across. $450. (TUCSON)

Beverly Garcia made this nice polychrome geometric design olla. 6,5 inches high and 7,5 inches across. $180 (TUCSON)

wilford ladder.JPG

Above is a vintage (1940-50s) Acoma bowl with a 'piecrust rim'. 5.75 inches across and 4.75 inches high. $125. (TUCSON)


Another fine work by Wilford Garcia This sculptural vessel representing the village 13.5 inches high to the top of the ladder and  8 inches across. $500 (TUCSON)