Both sides of a golden mother of pearl bear by Juana Homer. 3 inches long. $60 An inlaid marble turtle by Jayne Quam. 2inches long. SOLD.

The onyx eagle at left was carved by Ronnie Lunasee. 2 7/8 inches long and $36. This pipestone beaver is clearly seeing a giant Sequoia for the first time...! 1.5 inches high and carved by Danny Booqua. $26. And I'm not sure what alarmed this rooster - perhaps the sky is falling? Or maybe he just saw the egg truck pull in. Carved of Zunistone by Enrike Leekya. 3 inches high. $85. This welcoming bear was carved of dark grey serpentine by Mike Yatsattie. 3.25 inches to the top of the sign. $48.

The onyx bear is by Mike Mahooty. 3 1/8 inches long. $45 Jon Natewa carved the grey serpentine duck with a jet head and shell beak. 2.5 inches long. SOLD The the winsome serpentine frog with it's yellow-green nose is by Justin Natewa. 1.5 inches long. SOLD.

The Picasso marble owl is the work of Alvin Calabaza. 1.5 inches high. $30. The Picasso marble cat (2 1/8 inches high) is by Enrike Leekya. $60. The black marble whale with its young is 2.5 inches long and SOLD


The spotted wolf of African wonderstone is by Leland&Daphne Boone. 3 inches long. $36.The alabaster ram is by Herbert Pincion, who carves with hand tools only: no electric drills or grinders. The ram is 2 inches high and 2 inches across.  $48.


A beautiful turquoise Shalako by Florentino Martinez. 3.25 inches high and $300.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 3.01.15 PM.png

The white bear who seems to be a protector of the Pueblo maiden, was carved of marble by Sandra Quandelacy. 4 1/8 inches high. $110.


A dramatic black marble eagle with sunface by Hiram Peynetsa. 2.5 inches high nd 3.25 inches long.SOLD


A trio of Corn Maidens, carved of Amazonite by Sandra Quandelacy. 4 1/3 inches high. $180.

Amazonite 2.JPG
obcat C.JPG

A charoite bobcat by Leland and Daphne Boone. 2.75  inches across and 2 inches high. $54.

mammoth tooth.JPG

This mountain lion by Brian Yatsattie is carved form a highly unusual material: fossilized mammoth tooth. 3.25 inches long. $240.

Two views of a turquoise eagle and eaglet carved by  Derrick Kamaasee. 1 5/8 inches high. $90
Florentino Martinez's son, Eric, is showing the skills he has learned from hsi talented father. This mountain lion, acting as a guardian over the village is very nicely detailed. 1.25 inches high. $54.



A spiderweb turquoise beaver by Mike Laweka. 2.5inches long. $60. This Picasso marble rabbit made it home again. Just under 3 inches long. $108.

The stone turtle with what some call a  medicine necklace is by Farlan Quam and 2.25 inches long. $40. The bushytail at right is from an interesting piece of flowing banded serpentine tha suggest that this bushytail may be a fox.. By Kelly Lemmentino it measures 3 inches long and is $54. Larger than it looks, this turtle was carved of fossilized coral (Petoskey stone) by Rosella Lunasee. 3.5 by 2.5 inches and 1 inch high. $120.


Sun 1.jpg
sun 2.jpg

A remarkably detailed Sun katsina, carved of turquoise by Florentino Martinez. 3 inches high.  The color at left is the truest: the sun shining through the very thin sections of turquoise gave it a greenish cast. SOLD


Gabe bear.JPG

At just under 7 inches high, this is an impressive elk antler bear by Gabe Sice.$285.

bowlerite owl.JPG

This owl was carved by the inventive Brian Yatsattie who found a beat-up bowling ball at a yard sale and decided to see how that worked for a carving material. This owl has vestiges of the logo that once adorned the surface of it. He dubbed the material "bowlerite".  4 inch wingspan. SOLD

This spiny oyster shell Corn Maiden was made by Chad Quandelacy. 2.25 inches high. SOLD

A dolomite cat by Rosella Lunasee. 1.75 inches high. $48.

The jet raven is by Michael Coble and perches 1.5 inches high. $36. The white shell and black marble skunk was made by Calvert Bowannie. Difficult to tell from this angle, but Calvert carved the skunk's bushy tail. 2.25 inces long. $48.


One of Donovan Laiwekete's famous double heartline bears, this one carved of Wildhorse alabaster. 2 inches high and 2,75 inches long. $110. The jasper bear was carved by Melvin Sandoval of San Felipe Pueblo. 1.5 by 2.5 inches. $90. An alabaster bear with necklace by Eddington Hanaweeka. 2 1/8 inches high. $65.