A number of additions today (Sept 20) will not be in the Tucson store until Monday - but if one catches your eye, call and we’ll set it aside for you as soon as it comes in.

ON THEIR WAY TO TUCSON NEXT WEEK Bison by Lynn Quam. The Picasso marble one is SOLD and 2.75 inches long. The white marble one is 3 inches long and $75 and the onyx bison is 2 7/8 inches long. $74.


The Picasso marble owl is the work of Alvin Calabaza. 1.5 inches high. SOLD A great alabaster triceratops by Justin Red Elk. 2.5 inches long and only $60...quite inexpensive for an extinct species.... A pair of ravens, 2.5 inches long and carved by Tony Mackel. $60. A lepidolite dolphin by Fabian Tsethlikai. 1.6 inches long. SOLD.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 5.27.00 PM.png

At just under 7 inches high, this is an impressive elk antler bear by Gabe Sice.$285.

gila monster.JPG

A Gila Monster carved of jasper by Fernando Laiwekete. 3.25 inches long and SOLD.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 3.01.15 PM.png

The white bear who seems to be a protector of the Pueblo maiden, was carved of marble by Sandra Quandelacy. 4 1/8 inches high. $110.

The onyx bear is by Mike Mahooty. 3 1/8 inches long. $45. Kenric Lawaikete carved this limestone and fossil shell bushytail, 3.75 inches long. $70. The chrysoprase wolf is by Fernando Laiwekete. 2.25 inches long and $60.

The stone turtle with what some call a  medicine necklace is by Farlan Quam and 2.25 inches long. $40. The bushytail is carved from an interesting piece of flowing banded serpentine that suggest that this bushytail may be a fox!. By Kelly Lemmentino, it measures 3 inches long and is $54. The onyx eagle was carved by Ronnie Lunasee. 2 7/8 inches long and $36. This welcoming bear was carved of dark grey serpentine by Mike Yatsattie. 3.25 inches to the top of the sign. $48.


The jet raven is by Michael Coble and perches 1.5 inches high.SOLD The white shell and black marble skunk was made by Calvert Bowannie. Difficult to tell from this angle, but Calvert carved the skunk's bushy tail to give it the appearance of fur. 2.25 inches long. $48. A serpentine bear with a sun symbol on one side and a yellow mother of pearl arrowpoint secured by silver wire. Just of 2 inches long. SOLD A Zunistone ram by Alvin Calavaza. 2 inches long and $36.