If we get any more rain this summer I expect these will start showing up. An alligator carved of antler by Robert Weahkee. 7.5 inches long. SOLD

Carved of antler by Claudia Peina, this bear is truly kicking up his heels. 2.25 inches high. $60.


Abby Quam carved this tagua nut bear with a turquoise inlaid heartline. 1.5 inches long. $45. A wonderful use of this piece of alabaster by Robert Weahkee.  1.6 inches high, $30.

This glass wolf by Leland Boone and Daphne Quam, in the colors of the Mexican flag, must clearly be one of the Mexican wolves being re-introduced to the wilderness areas in southern Arizona and New Mexico.

A traditional style Zuni jar for doling fetishes in a home, with a opening through which to 'feed' them fetishes are certain times during the year. Made by Bobby Silas of Hopi and Tim Edaakie of Zuni. 6.5 by 8 inches. $300. (TUCSON)

A very happy frog with his somewhat perplexed friend a cat. Both carved of antler by Robert Weahkee. The frog is 4 inches high and $80 and the cat is 34 inches high and $48.

A beautiful and very large travertine badger by Rosella Lunasee. 6 inches long. $125.

A pair of Picasso marble javelinas by Sammy Smith. Each is $110.


Navajo carver Stuart Alonso carved this bear out of a type of serpentine called riccolite. 2.25 inches long. $54. At right is a cedar bear by Herbert Halate, who does use cedar from time to time. It measures just over 4 inches long. $75.

Both of these were carved of white alabaster by Stuart Alonso. The bear is 25 inches long and $60. The horse is 2.75 inches long and $60.

Two of Lynn Quam's famous bison. The one at left was carved of African Wonderstone and is 2.25 inches long. $66. The spiny oyster shell bison (which is pure white on the reverse) measures 2.5 inches long. SOLD




A serpentine frog piggybacking on its serpentine mother. Just under 1.5 inches long and carved by Jesus Espino. $25.  The shell frog was carved by Roy Davis, Navajo. 2.25 inches long. $36.


The tigereye bushytail (very hard for my camera to get the iridescence of tigereye and still maintain color balance) . 1.75 inches long and 1.25 inches high. Also by Leland and Daphne. $30. The onyx cat with the turquoise nose is by Enrike Leekya. 1.75 inches long. $48. 

An old style sandstone bear by Jimmy Yawakia. 3 inches long and $36

A row of quail, carved from a single piece of Picasso marble by Bremette Epaloose. 3.25 inches long and $150

A great Zunistone goat by Enrike Leekya.  3 inches long and 2 3/8 inches high. $60.


A serpentine Medicine Bear carved of onyx by Brian Yatsattie. 4.25 inches high. $185.

The pig at left was carved by Enrike Leekya and it has turquoise hooves as well as a turquoise snout. 2 inches long and 2 inches high. SOLD The dolomite pig at right was made by Stanton Hannaweeke who has made something of a name for himself with his pig carvings. He even carves large sows with a half dozen individual sucklings. This pig is 2.25 inches long and $36.

The stack of black marble turtles is by Russell Shack. Just under 1.5 inches high. SOLD A great stone bear pair by Wilson Romero of Cochiti Pueblo. 2.25 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. $36.



The red glass mountain lion is by Leland Boone and his wife Daphne. 2.25 inches long and $45.

 A turquoise hummingbird taking nectar from a flower, by Derrick Kamasee. 1.25 inches high. $90.


Both carved of black marble. Turtle is by Ephran Chavez and 2 inches long. SOLD The very elegant black cat is by Kenny Chavez and 2.6 inches high. $36.

 Using quahog shell Brian Yatsattie carved this bear with a Plains Indian style headdress. 3.25 by 2.75 inches. $240. One of Vernon Lunasee's vigilant marble bears. 2 3/8 inches high. $60.