Clice Hustito carved this Picasso marble bison. 3.5 by 2.75 inches. $125. A beautifully etched black marble bison by Curtis Garcia. 2.75 inches long and $75. The black marble badger is by Ronnie Lunasee. 3.25 inches long and SOLD A small (compare to the others in this row- 1.5 inches long ) Picasso marble bear with her trademark dragonfly, by Clissa Martin. $45.

(click for full images) The raven by Ben Kaamasee is 1.5 inches high and $60.A Picass marbel turtle with silver wire highlights, by Kevin Allopowa. 2 3/8 inches long. Both these turtles are by Darren Boone and each is 2 inches long. Both are $40.

Two pair of w0lves by Jayne Quam, Navajo but long married in at Zuni. (Her husband, Lynn, is famous for his beautiful and graceful bison) Each is 2 inches long and $75. The one at left has a mosaic of azurite/malachite on each side.

A white marble bison by Lynn Quam. 3 inches long and $75. Fluorite bobcat by Fernando Laiwekete. 3 inches long. $85. The turquoise and Zunistone quail is by Enrike Leekya. 3.25 inches high.$75. The Picasso marble owl by Ben Kaamassee stands 2 inches high and is $90.


A great alabaster triceratops by Justin Red Elk. 2.5 inches long and only $60...quite inexpensive for an extinct species.... A pair of ravens, 2.5 inches long and carved by Tony Mackel. $60. The frog, who seems to be the landing pad for a humming bird. By Terrence Martza. 2 1/8 inches long and $48. A tall (3.5 inches) black marble black cat by Kenny Chavez. $60. Clive Hustito carved this bobcat out of a piece of Picasso marble. 2.2 inches long and $8.

bear  5.6 200.JPG

At 5.6 inches high, this is an impressive elk antler bear by Gabe Sice. $200.


The double-sided alabaster corn maiden is by Sandra Quandelacy and stands just under 4 inches high. $110.


Carved of Zoisite this double-sided Corn Mother with Corn Maiden, 3.75 inches high, is by Kevin Chapman. $220.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 3.01.15 PM.png

The white bear who seems to be a protector of the Pueblo maiden, was carved of marble by Sandra Quandelacy. 4 1/8 inches high. $110.

CP 3.8  375.JPG

A butterfly maiden, similar to the one on the cover of Spirit in the Stone. 3.8 inches high. By Claudia Peina with silver wings by her husband. $375.


Two sides of a black mother of pearl Corn Maiden by Gloria Chattin. 3.75 inches high. $65

An alabaster frog with lapis inlaid dragonfly motifs, by Cheryl Beyuka. 1.25 inches long.$60 Kenric Laiwekete carved this limestone and fossil shell bushytail, 3.75 inches long. $70. A pipestone mountain lion by Clissa Martin, with a turquoise dragonfly resting on its shoulder. 2.75 inches long. $75. A sandstone bear by Rick Quam. 2+ inches long. $36

The Picasso marble badger is by Navajo carver Edwin Begay. 1.75 inches long. $28. A shell eagle by Bryston Bowannie. 1.75 inches across. $40. An Alaskan jade bear, 3.25 inches tall, by Loubert and Rosella Sooseah. $90. A jet raven with a mosaic tail by Steven Natachu. 4 inches long and $55. Melissa Quam carved the medicine bear at fair right out of obsidian. 2.5 inches high with a turquoise necklace. $55.


A Zunistone ram by Alvin Calavaza. 2 inches long and $36. By Hiram Peynetsa. Among some Pueblo groups badgers are associated with healing and white, for all is the color of the direction east. $180. A green turquoise scorpion by Frank Nieto. $36. A medicine badger by Robert Cellicion, carved of a type of alabaster commonly called ‘zebrastone, for obvious reasons. 2.75 inches long. $36. Ron Lunasee carved this bear out of an unusual piece of alabaster. 1.75 inches high. $45. A turquoise snake, 2.5 inches long and carved by Marlo Booqua. $30.