I will do what I can to post new work coming in but specifics may be lacking as this is the busiest weekend of the year at our Santa Fe shop.    If you call and it goes to voice mail, please leave a message rather than call back - or, better yet: e-mail us. Four of us will be working in the shop but there still will be many times when we are so busy we cannot get to the phone. Thank you-

             New additions to the Masters' Jewelry Gallery, Katsina Galleries                   and the Vintage Weavings Gallery !!

At left a squash blossom necklace from the 1970s set with natural, beautifully matched turquoise from the Royston Mine. Above right, jewelry by Mildred Kee Parkhurst.

Patania panel.JPG

Above left: a necklace made of graduated squash blossoms.
Above right: Nick Brokeshoulder with a prize-wining Hemis katsina from the Gallup Intertribal ceremonial this past week.
Right: a ring from the Thunderbird shop of Frank Patania Sr circa 1950. Set with turquoise from the #8 Mine in Nevada.




Sac-Fox jewelry John Christiansen made the finest heishe that has ever been made. He retired from the craft a couple decades ago so it is only through estates that we acquire (and rarely at that) examples of his work. These beads are 1/2 of 1 millimeter in diameter. Cut from apple green serpentine with coral and jet accents. 16 strands. $6500.


Hopi jeweler Cheryl Yestewa is famous for her turquoise necklaces. This striking piece was made with Mexican fire opal, interspersed with 14kt gold beads. $2800.


Tahtian 1.JPG