New additions to the Fetish Galleries and selected Jewelry Galleries as well as this wonderful sculpture,

under the Fine Art section of the Masters Gallery

Craig George.jpg

We purchased this wonderful bracelet from Alethia Crawford. And she's pretty wonderful as well:
She works with the Navajo-Hopi astronomy outreach program at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. They partner with reservation teachers to help them incorporate more STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) into their curriculum. 
She is currently working on plans for a summer and a winter science camp.
AND as anyone who knows a teacher knows, she has to dig into her own pocket for resources...and for those who work with kids on the reservation the needs can be many and varied. Alethia does what she can out of her own pocket.

SO, long story short, ALL the proceeds of this $450 beautiful bracelet will go back to her as a donation to further her work.