The talented, imaginative, creative (and therefore award-wining!) Navajo weaving artist Marlowe Katoney stopped by our Tucson store Saturday - in advance of the Heard Museum Weaver's Market Place on Sunday


Born in 1963 in Shiprock he learned the rudiments of silversmithing from his mother beginning when he was eight years old. On one of his field trips while in school at Kayenta he had a chance to see Van Gogh’s Starry Night, an encounter that made a huge impression on him. It was an interest in the visual arts that was rekindled when he attended the University of Arizona and saw Ansel Adam’s photographs at the Center for Creative Photography. He returned to the reservation where he started work as a tour guide in Monument Valley, then for a movie locations services outfit and fell into the movie industry. But by 1999 his silverwork bench was again calling to him and he added that to his life.

This pendant, in silver, copper and gold brings together the disparate elements of his life into a single piece of work. It comes with a hand-written 4-act  ‘programme’ that explains the piece along with four haikus inspired by the images.