These should be arriving in Tucson by Friday: Melissa Quam carved this bear out of adventurine. I had to add the second photo so you could see the sweet, quizzical expression on its face. 3.5inches high and $48. The sinuous jet snake, 5.75 inches long was carved by Frlan Quam. $45. And just in time for the summer rains: a turquoise frog by Louise Ponchuella. $65.

A group of spiny oyster shell (spondylus shell) animals by Andres Quandelacy. The bison is the largest of the group at 2 3/8 inches long. $120 The horse is 1 5/8 inches long and $75. Then there is the great mountain lion, 2 1/8 inch long and $90.

A small herd of bison by Lynn Quam. The one of an unusual alabaster conglomerate is 2 5/8 inch long and $80. The serpentine bison is 2 inches long and $48 as is the light-colored alabaster one next to it. The deep blue sodalite bison at far right is 2.25 inches long and SOLD.

Two sides of a wonderful night and day owl carved of elk antler by Claudia Peina. 2.75 inches tall and $85. An unusual animal pairing: a wolf and a mountain lion, by Wilson Romero of Cochiti. 3 inches long and on it’s way to Tucson… SOLD

All by Clissa Martin: a white horse with coral dragonfly, 1.5 inches long and SOLD. The badger is just over 1.5 inches long and SOLD. A bobcat who caught a turquoise fish. Carved of Picasso marble it’s almost 2.25 inches long and SOLD. The wide-awake owl is 1.5 inches tall and SOLD. Finally a Picasso marble bobcat, not with her usual dragonfly, but a bumble bee which makes me think he might wind up launching into action rather unexpectedly…. 2 by 125 inches. SOLD.

(click for full images) .A Picasso marble turtle with silver wire highlights, by Kevin Allapowa. 2 3/8 inches long. A turquoise-topped turtle by Darrin Boone. 2 inches long. SOLD Two sides of an unusual stone bear by Wilson Romero of Cochiti. 2.25 inches long. SOLD.

A pair of wolves by Jayne Quam, Navajo but long married in at Zuni. (Her husband, Lynn, is famous for his beautiful and graceful bison) 2 inches long and SOLD. A black panther by Cody Nastacio. 3.75 inches long. SOLD

All by Darrin Boone. The one at left is just over 2 inches long and, as you can see from the bottom shot, is alabaster flanked by serpentine. $45. The next has a similar tripartite base 1 3/8 inches long and $27. The next turtle is the same size and price. And then there is the duck. Just under 2 inches long. $45.

A white marble bison by Lynn Quam. 3 inches long and SOLD. Fluorite bobcat by Fernando Laiwekete. 3 inches long. $85. A turquoise owl by Russell Shack. 1.75 inches high. $54. Kenny Chavez carved both the badger out of Wildhorse alabaster, 2.25 inches long $36 and the serpentine bear 2 inches long. #6.


A great alabaster triceratops by Justin Red Elk. 2.5 inches long and only $60...quite inexpensive for an extinct species.... Bear by Melissa Quam. Just over 2 inches high. We’re not certain of the stone: looks like alabaster but with quartz inclusions. $45. A bear pair by Wilson Romero of Cochiti. 1 3/8 inches long. SOLD. Two frogs with turquoise polliwogs on their back. If you look closely, they both appear to have quite sublime expression on their faces. One is just under 2 inches long and $45 while the other is 1.25 inches long and $30. Both by Andres Lementino.

bear  5.6 200.JPG

At 5.6 inches high, this is an impressive elk antler bear by Gabe Sice. $200.

Owl pair.JPG

A pair of found stone owls by Wilson Romero of Cochiti. The smaller one stands 2.5 inches high and is $24. The other is 3.5 inches and $40.


The double-sided alabaster corn maiden is by Sandra Quandelacy and stands just under 4 inches high. $110.

CM 110.jpg

Carved of antler and standing 3 inches high, this was carved by Gabe Sice in the style of his late brother, Colvin Peina. $110.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 3.01.15 PM.png

The white bear who seems to be a protector of the Pueblo maiden, was carved of marble by Faye Quandelacy. 4 1/8 inches high. SOLD.

CP 3.8  375.JPG

A butterfly maiden, similar to the one on the cover of Spirit in the Stone. 3.8 inches high. By Claudia Peina with silver wings by her husband. $375. SOLD


Two sides of a black mother of pearl Corn Maiden by Gloria Chattin. 3.75 inches high. $65

A Zunistone ram by Alvin Calavaza. 2 inches long and $36. A medicine badger by Robert Cellicion, carved of a type of alabaster commonly called ‘zebrastone, for obvious reasons. 2.75 inches long. $36. Two views of a stone grizzly bear by Wilson Romero of Cochiti. 2.25 inches high and 2.75 inches long. $40