Two labradorite fetishes: the badger at left is by Chase Weahkee and is 2.25 inches long. SOLD. The frog was carved by Eddington Hannaweeke and is 1.75 inches long. $60.

green bison.JPG

A green speckled glass bison by Lynn Quam. 3.5 inches long. $90.

Carved of antler by Claudia Peina, this bear is truly kicking up his heels. 2.25 inches high. SOLD.

The jet raven is by Michael Coble and perches 1.5 inches high. $36. The black jet hummingbird is 1 5/8 inches high and was made by Brandon Phillips. SOLD


Clearly a bald eagle! -  wonderful use of this piece of alabaster by Robert Weahkee.  1.6 inches high, $30. A blue-eyed friendly lumbering porcupine of Zunistone by Enrike Leekya.3 inches long. $48.

white owl.JPG

A white alabaster owl wih turquoise eyes and beak. Carved by Bryston Bowannie with a 3 inche wingspread. $48.

A paintstone and hematite eagle by Ron Lunasee. A wonderful example of an excellent use of stone and artistic vision in this streamlined eagle. 2.75 inches long. SOLD.

A traditional style Zuni jar for doling fetishes in a home, with a opening through which to 'feed' them fetishes are certain times during the year. Made by Bobby Silas of Hopi and Tim Edaakie of Zuni. 6.5 by 8 inches. $300. (TUCSON)

The inquisitive bird with the mosaic tail was made by Steven Natachu and is 2.75 inches long. $45. The purple fluorite frog with a shell dragonfly on its shoulder. 2 inches long, it was carved by Daisy Natewa. SOLD

A very happy frog with his somewhat perplexed friend a cat. Both carved of antler by Robert Weahkee. The frog is 4 inches high and $80 and the cat is 34 inches high and $48.

tastng rain.JPG

This Zunistone frog by Delvin Leekya appears to be trying to catch raindrops on its tongue. 3 inches long. $60

Lena shell bird.JPG

The spiny oyster shell bird is by Lena Boone. 3.5 inches long with a wingspan of 2.75 inches. $75

A beautiful and very large travertine badger by Rosella Lunasee. 6 inches long. $125.

bowlerite owl.JPG

This owl was carved by the inventive Brian Yatsattie who found a beat-up bowling ball at a yard sale and decided to see how that worked for a carving material. This owl has vestiges of the logo that once adorned the surface of it. He dubbed the material "bowlerite".  4 inch wingspan. $240.

A pair of Picasso marble javelinas by Sammy Smith. Each is $110.


At left is a Wilson Romero (Cochiti) found stone bear with a natural heart-line running through it. 2.675 inches long. $45. The shark (a great white?!) was carved of white alabaster by Herbert Halate. He normally carved bears, mountain lions and ravens, so this is quite a departure for him. 2.75 inches long. $36

Navajo carver Stuart Alonso carved this bear out of a type of serpentine called riccolite. 2.25 inches long. $54. At right is a cedar bear by Herbert Halate, who does use cedar from time to time. It measures just over 4 inches long. $75.

Both of these were carved of white alabaster by Stuart Alonso. The bear is 25 inches long and SOLD. The horse is 2.75 inches long and $60.




A serpentine frog piggybacking on its serpentine mother. Just under 1.5 inches long and carved by Jesus Espino. $25.  The shell frog was carved by Roy Davis, Navajo. 2.25 inches long. $36.


The tigereye bushytail (very hard for my camera to get the iridescence of tigereye and still maintain color balance) . 1.75 inches long and 1.25 inches high. Also by Leland and Daphne. $30. The onyx cat with the turquoise nose is by Enrike Leekya. 1.75 inches long. $48. 

A great Zunistone goat by Enrike Leekya.  3 inches long and 2 3/8 inches high. $60.


This demure serpentine rabbit was carved by Michael Coble and is 2.5 inches long. SOLD

A serpentine Medicine Bear carved of onyx by Brian Yatsattie. 4.25 inches high. $185.

The dolomite pig was made by Stanton Hannaweeke who has made something of a name for himself with his pig carvings. He even carves large sows with a half dozen individual sucklings. This pig is 2.25 inches long and SOLD.

A great stone bear pair by Wilson Romero of Cochiti Pueblo. 2.25 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. $36.



The red glass mountain lion is by Leland Boone and his wife Daphne. 2.25 inches long and $45.

 A turquoise hummingbird taking nectar from a flower, by Derrick Kamasee. 1.25 inches high. $90.


 Using quahog shell Brian Yatsattie carved this bear with a Plains Indian style headdress. 3.25 by 2.75 inches. $240. One of Vernon Lunasee's vigilant marble bears. 2 3/8 inches high. $60.