AYA is the Hopi word for the gourd rattles used by the katsinas during their ceremonies. They are also given as gifts to young boys (along with bow and arrows, tops and stick balls).


From left to right: Mudhead 12.5 inches $125, Blue with rainbow, raincloud and rain motifs 10.5 inches, used $60, blue-green with turkey feather designs and turkey feathers 9.5 inches and $60, Hahai Wuuhti 11 inches $125, older (50+ years) with turkey feather design (see listing below of old rattles), Ahöla, 13.5 inches $125 brown rattle (see below) and a Mudhead 10 inches tall and $90.

The rattle at left is the type generally carried by the Koyemsi or Mudhead katsinas, with turkey feathers tied to the top - 8.5 inches and $60. Next is one of the most traditional style rattles. 9 inches and $55. A Mudhead, 11 inches tall, $125 and a large Ahöla rattle 20 inches high with turkey and parrot feathers. $160.

All three of these were purchased from the well-known Indian arts dealer Rex Arrowsmith in the 1970s and they were old/used then. At left, both sides of the rattle shown in the top display. Next is a rattle painted in some colors and patterns as found on the balls used in the traditional Hopi stickball games. At far right, the more recent of the three is a traditional turkey feather motif rattle often used during Bean Dance on Third Mesa.