Though figurative pottery has a long history in the Pueblos, storyteller figures are recent, going back to about 1963 when Helen Cordero of Cochiti made the first one, in honor of her father, Santiago Quintana, a traditional storyteller. Most storyteller figurines come from Cochiti and Jemez (the latter having more storyteller makers, but ones from other pueblos can be found.


Three dog figurines - each is up for adoption.Created by Darrick Tsosie of Jemez. They are each just over 4 inches tall. $70 each. (TUCSON)

kanteena deer.JPG

A polychrome deer with twig antlers, by Michael Kanteena of Laguna Pueblo. 4.25 inches long and 6 inches to the top of the antlers. $120. (TUCSON)


Lupe Lucero of Jemez Pueblo made this very happy Koshare holding two fat slices of watermelon. 4 inches high and $60. (TUCSON)

V Lucero and Dorothy.JPG

Virginia Lucero made the storyteller at left. 3 1/8 inches high and priced at $105. The one at right was created by Dorothy Herrera, grand-daughter of Helen Cordero who created the first storyteller figurine over a half century ago.  3 7/8 inches high. SOLD (TUCSON)

Above is a storyteller by Casimiro Toya from Jemez Pueblo. She is just under 7 inches high and $90. (SANTA FE)

D Lucero.JPG

Diane Lucero of Jemez Pueblo made these two lady storytellers. 3.5 inches high. $100. (TUCSON - but we have her work in Santa Fe as well)

Kanteena Hilili.JPG

A Hilili katsina by Michael Kanteena of Laguna Pueblo. 11 inches high. $300. (TUCSON)

Karen's trio.JPG

Aaron Mirabal of Taos made the two at left and centert. 2 inches and 4 inches high and are $25 and $60 respectively. The one at far right is by Karen Nieto of Cochiti Pueblo. 1 7/8 inches high and $28 All three are made from micaceous clay and are in Tucson.

St Francis.JPG

Derrick Tsosie crafted this beautiful St Francis. 6 inches high. $240. (TUCSON)

The Grandfather storyteller is 5.25 inches high and $220. It was made by Darrick Tsosie of Jemez. (TUCSON) A cat storyteller, by Darrick’s mother Emily Fragua-Tsosie. 6 inches high and SOLD. (SANTA FE) The next cat and the dog storytellers are also by Darrick. The mama cat is 7 inches tall and $185. The dog (bulldog? boxer?) and pup are 7 inches high and also $185. (TUCSON)



A pair of cats by Dorothy Herrera. Each is 2 inches high and $60. The father and son storyteller is also by Dorothy. 2 inches high. $60. (TUCSON)