A wonderful selection of carvings by Melvin Sandoval (San Felipe-Zuni) that just came in (see further down the page for more) At left are two orcas carved of black Belgian marble. Each is 3.75 inches long and $130. Next is a cachalot or sperm whale - the largest of the toothed whales. This one, however, is only 5.25 inches long. Carved of alabaster and $160. Then the otter about to enjoy a shellfish meal. Black Belgian marble. 3.75 inches long and $130.

An onyx bushytail (wolf?) by Pete Gasper Jr. 2.5 inches long. $36. Picasso marble bear pair by Clissa Martin with turquoise dragonfly. 1.75 inches long. $72. A Picasso marble bobcat by Freddie Leekya, 2.75 inches long. $45. Ben Kaamasee carved this owl, also of Picasso marble. 1.75 inches high. $45. A tiny (7/8 inch long) white alabaster frog with Clissa Martin’s trademark lapis dragonfly. $30.

More by Melvin Sandoval. A sleek, powerful badger of black Belgian marble. Just under 4 inches long. $130. Next is a camouflaged serpentine horned lizard, 3 inches long and $90. The sandstone badger is just 3 inches long and $130.

BIG CM1.jpg

A stunning large (8.5 inches tall) Zuni Maiden carving with her little sister hiding behind her. By Gabe Sice. $875.

BIG CM2.jpg

At right, carved out of elk antler by Marlon Lowsayatee is a Buffalo Dancer. 3 inches tall and $80.


Also by Gabe Sice: a marvelous sleek black Belgian marble bear. 3 inches tall. $300. (ON HOLD)

Bison D.jpg

A wonderful depiction of Zuni Pueblo with the guardians of the six directions, by Florentino Martinez. Set on a base of azurite-malachite it measures 4.35 by 3.2 and it 1. 5/8 inch tall. $600.

A bear carved of dinosaur bone by Kenric Laiwekete, 1 5/8 inches high and $120. A horned lizard by Sedrick Banteah, carved of Picasso marble it is 2 3/8 inches long and $70.Two sides of a wonderful night and day owl carved of elk antler by Claudia Peina. 2.75 inches tall and $85.

A wolf pair by Jayne Quam (Navajo, married into Zuni decades ago). 2.5 inches long. $75. A black marble bear by Garrick Acque. 2.5 inches long and 2 inches high. $60. Is it an angler fish or an owl? Well, Cody Natascio, who made it, says “owl” so we’ll go with that. 2.75 inches tall - or long if you like the fish ID…) $66.

The recycled bowling ball mountain lion at left is by Evalena Boone. 2.25 inches long. $45. A Zuni stone armadillo by Enrike Leekya, it measures 3.25 inches long and $48. Debra Gaspar made these two rams. The ram in the foreground is carved of onyx and stands 1.25 inches high, while the alabaster one stands 1 1/8 inches high. Each $66. An antler Pueblo maiden by Gabe Sice carved in the style of his late brother, Colvin Peina. 3 inches tall. $120.

A trio of owls, with a squirrel quietly hiding inside the hollow log on which they are resting. 3 inches across. By Justin Red Elk. $110. The Mexican onyx badger was carved by Mike Mahooty, 2 7/8 inches long and $48. The Picasso marble badger is by Herbert Him and has a carved and painted stripe down its back. 3.25 inches long and $120. This bear was carved of alabaster by Leonard Boyd, of the Spokane Tribe. A painter who studied at IAIA many years ago, he has recently turned his hand to stone carving as well. 2.75 inches long and 2.5 inches tall. $55.

The snake is by Louise Ponchuella, carved of slate, it is 5 inches long and $60. A classic bear by Herbert Him. 3 inches long and 2 inches high, carved of Picasso marble. $150. The Silverado jet mountain lion with a sterling silver heartline was carved by Debra Gasper, 2.75 inches long and $75.

The deer carved of elk antler is by Elton Kaamasee, 3.25 inches high and $90. The stone rooster, 2.75 inches high, is by Enrike Leekya. $85. A Picasso marble bunrab by Sedrick Banteah. 1 5/8 inches from nose to tail and $70. An alabaster turtle by Leonard Boyd, from the Spokane Tribe. A painter who studies at IAIA, he has recently turned his hand to stone carving as well. 3.5 inches long. $55.


A Zunistone Ibex by Enrike Leekya, 3.25 inches high and $75 (horns detach for shipping).  The dragonfly is by Brian Yatsattie and carved of “fordite”, which is what Brian has dubbed the paint slag he carves that came from a closed Ford plant. The dragonfly measures 2 5/8 inches long and its wingspan is 2.25 inches. $140. The turquoise roadrunner was carved by Fernando Laiwekete, 2.25 inches long and $48. The marble turtle inlaid with a Sun motif, is by Andres Lementino. 3.2 by 2.5 inches. $90.