Also called "cradle dolls' because they are given to Hopi infants, Putsqatihut or flat dolls are the very oldest form of katsinas dolls among the Hopi. After a child has gone through his or her naming ceremony 20 days after birth, the first one received is the Hahay'i wuuhti or katsina grandmother. The next is the katsinmana or katsina maiden. After that they may receive any katsina doll. The katsinas themselves carve them for the young girls who continue to receive them (usually more fully formed and detailed ones as they grow older) until they are initiated into the Hopi Katsina Society. 


The Throwing Stick or Putskòokatsina above was made by Wayland Namingha Jr. $80.  The Koo'ah katsina is by Nick Brokeshoulder. $40 (SANTA FE)

According to an old Hopi story, the Hopi people fell ill. The epidemic was so widespread through the villages that the people were starving. It was a group of Navajo who showed up and fed them and nursed them back to health. The Koo’áakatsina katsina commemorates this event and the Navajo people.

Larsen Harris Jr carved the  Sootukwnangw above. The name literally translates as Star-thunderhead-heart. Approximately 13 inches high (not including feathers) SOLD (SANTA FE)


Also by Larsen is the Anakchina, representing the summer rains. Approximately 13 inches high (not including feathers),  $190. (SANTA FE) SOLD



All by Larsen Harris Jr. of Musangnovi Village:  Tsilisona, Hahai Wuuhti and Aya (Rattle). Each $60 and in SANTA FE.


An Aya or Rattle katsina, by Nick Brokeshoulder. 10 inches high to feather tips. $40 (Santa Fe)




Nick Brokeshoulder also carved this Hahai Wuuhti. She measures 7.5 inches from feather tip to the bottom. $40 (SANTA FE)



Larsen Harris Jr, of the Tobacco and Rabbit Clans from the village of Munqapi atop Second Mesa carved these 2 putskatihu (flat dolls)  The Red Tail Hawk is one of the wawarus or runner katsinas and an unusual one to see in a flat doll. 10.5 inches high. $80. The Natukvika is $50. (BOTH IN SANTA FE)

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.01.54 PM.png

The Rain Priest of the South, by Nick Brokeshoulder. 15 inches high. SOLD. (SANTA FE)

Hahai'i Wuuhti by Clark Tenakhongva, who was among the first to revive the old style dolls that have become so popular. 16 inches high $130. (TUCSON)

 The Badger was carved by Jared Quamahongnewa. 12 inches high and SOLD. (TUCSON)
Tthe Puchmoftaqa or Rabbit Stick katsina is 9.5 inches high and $60. (SANTA FE). 

Carved by Augustine Mowa III. Hahai'i Wuuhti and Susöpa (Cricket) Averaging about 4 inches high $25 each. (TUCSON)


nick badger.jpg

An Early Morning katsina by Horace Kayquoptewa. 8.5 inches high and $48. (TUCSON)

This Taawa (Sun) katsina was made by Jared Quamahongnewa. (TUCSON)

The Sohu or Star katsina is by Craig Grover. of Sitsom'ovi Village on First Mesa. 10.5 inches high. $90 (TUCSON)  The Nuvakmana - Snow Maiden by Larsen Harris Jr. is 10 3/8 inches high and $90. (SANTA FE)



A Korosto by Earl ‘Dino’ Patterson (Sunaweuma) can also stand by itself. 11 inches high. $85. (TUCSON)