Fabian Homer is best-known for his fetish carvings but he is also a potter. He made this canteen using Zuni clay and traditional mineral paints. Traditionally there were two sizes of canteens: one for filing and using in the homes and the other for personal use while out in the fields. This one includes several of the beings associated with water: frogs, polliwogs and Kolowisi - the water serpent who represents the water that flows, both seen and unseen (underground).6 by 5 inches. $250.



The Zuni polychrome jar at right is by Carlos Laate, stands just over 7 inches high and is SOLD. (SANTA FE)

The one above is by Anderson Peynetsa and measures 6.75 inches high and 7.75 inches across. $250. (TUCSON)



A Zuni polychrome water jar commonly known as a wedding vase. 8 inches high, it was made by Carlos Laate and Roxanne Seoutewa. $300. (TUCSON)

The innovative pottery artist Alan Lasiloo made this raku-fired vase with a deer motif. 3.75 inches high. $160. The next one is by Darla Westika. Her dragonfly bowl is 3 1/8 by 4 inches and $70.  (SANTA FE) 

A traditional style Zuni jar for storing fetishes in a home, with a opening through which to 'feed' them as  fetishes are during certain times during the year. Made by Bobby Silas of Hopi and Tim Edaakie of Zuni. They are no longer collaborating, making this a fine example of their work to add to a collection. 6.5 by 8 inches. $675. (TUCSON)

The owl effigies are by Carlos Laate and his wife Roxanne Seoutewa. They are 5 inches high and $120 each. They also made the two small jars at right, each 2.75 by 3.25 inches and $110. The background clay is actually a much warmer tone than the photo reveals.(Tucson).