corn swirl.JPG

Measuring 18 by 32 inches, the title of the piece is Beauty Way. On the back Zac added:
”The corn are emerging out of the universe. The Corn represents people all connected to the Universe.”

At left is Zachariah Ben explaining his work.  At right is one of his newer works. 12 by 15.5 inches, it is entitled The First Four Spring $450. (SANTA FE)


Above, measuring 11.5 by 25.5 is a sandpanting Zac titled “Night Chant Yáshti’Yé’ii (Talking God), Bíígháá’ask’idii (Harvest God) and a female yei’i. Dancing at dusk, they are using light (the rainbow) to travel.” SOLD

corn stars.JPG
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Above is “Yei’i Snow Dance”. 7.25 by 11.25 inches. $220.

sun and moon.JPG

Night and Day Emergence.
”Night is ushering away day using the Milk Way and Star constellations. 9.5 by 17.5 inches. $400.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 1.10.40 PM.png

"The six femaie yei'is are guiding white corn through life". 7.25 by 17 inches. $400.

Measuring 12 by 41 inches Zac incorporated ground lapis lazuli for the midnight blue color in this piece entitled Butterfly Migration. He wrote on the back: The Butterflies represent the happy, joyous movement with our lifetime. The female deities are guardians of our lives’ journeys. The black swirls represent subconsciousness. $1200.