Red Mesa.JPG

A Red Mesa OUtline, circa 1920-1930, 44 by 70 inches. We had some repair work done to strengthen the selvages and it has been cleaned and mothproofed - something we will now do for all vintage rugs that come in from now forward. $2200. (TUCSON)

At first blush this appeared to possibly be a Hopi wearing blanket, but the size (61 by 89 inches) ruled that out. A blanket weave, it is in spectacularly fine condition with no evident repair or restoration. 1900-1920s. $4800. (TUCSON)

old grey.JPG

Above is a rug, handspun in all natural color wool, probably woven in the early 1900s. It has been cleaned, moth-proofed and had some minor restoration of the corners. 65 by 43 inches. $600.

red center.JPG

The aniline dye red in the center really makes this rug stand out. Woven of handspun wool in natural grey, white dark brown and vegetal dye tan. 67 by 34 inches. We had it cleaned, mothproofed and the selvages repaired. $875.

A nice example of a geometric pattern with an interesting asymmetry, which was pretty common until the judging of Navajo rugs became commonplace and it was decided that symmetry would be a criteria. 42.5 inches by 79 inches. $1275. (TUCSON)