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Each Navajo rug is, of course, unique, but once in a great while one finds one that is without parallel and this is such a textile: a Navajo wool blanket, all in white. It has all the markers of a traditional Navajo textile, from ‘lazy lines’, to selvage cords, tassels and end finishing, but the all white is something that is mentioned nowhere in the literature on Navajo weaving nor has been seen before by any of the older traders who handle (or did handle) Navajo textiles nor by any Navajo weaving expert (including, of course, Navajo weavers) in the field we have contacted. Our best guess is that it was woven as a special order for a Pueblo person who could not find a Pueblo white manta to wear for a ceremony and ordered it from a Navao weaver they knew, though it seems somewhat large for a manta.  It is in excellent condition and measures 48.5 by 78.25 inches. $4000.


At first blush this appeared to possibly be a Hopi wearing blanket due to the classic Hopi pattern (often called a “Moqui stripe”) but the size (61 by 89 inches) ruled that out. A blanket weave, it is in spectacularly fine condition with no evident repair or restoration. 1900-1920s. $4800. (TUCSON)

2nd phase 42.5 by 60.JPG

The textile is what is called a 2nd Phase Chief’s blanket. It was dated to about 1875 and measures 42.5 by 60 inches. $18,000.

old grey.JPG

Above is a rug, handspun in all natural color wool, probably woven in the early 1900s. It has been cleaned, moth-proofed and had some minor restoration of the corners. 65 by 43 inches. $600.

Loren .JPG

A wonderful transitional era weaving from the 1880s. All handspun of course, with aniline dye red and green. A Navajo lady was in the shop with her mother, a weaver, when it arrived. They looked at it and declared “now that is fun!”. 55 by 88 inches. $5600.

A nice example of a geometric pattern with an interesting asymmetry, which was pretty common until the judging of Navajo rugs became commonplace and it was decided that symmetry would be a criteria. 42.5 inches by 79 inches. $1275. (TUCSON)