A beautiful yei'ii pattern with a grey background. A nice tight weave: 10 warp and 56 weft threads per inch. 54 by 38 inches. $1600. (TUCSON)

A Yei'ii pattern rug by Nellie Slim, Woven about 1960-it still has the original tag from the Mesa Verde National Park Gift Shop. It sold for $200 back then, but is $875 now. 50 by 31 inches. Vegetal and aniline dye and all handspun wool. (TUCSON)


A bird pictoral that is often mis-identified as a Tree of Life pattern, when in fact it is derived from a sandpainting motif from the BlessingWay ceremony. 29 by 40 inches. $675.

two yei.JPG

This style harkens back to the earliest days of rugs with Yei’i imagery, when just one or two images would be used. It was purchased in 1970 from Huerfano Trading Post, north of Chaco Canyon. 29 by 37 inches. SOLD

red yei.JPG

This yei’i pattern rug was woven about 60 years ago. There is a slight color run from the red visible in the upper left corner. 37.5 by 40.5 inches. $875.

many yei.JPG

Eight Yei’i dance on the grey background of this weaving, which measures 26.5 by 43.5 inches. $750

sun and rain yei.JPG

Surrounded by a protective Rainbow yei’i motif, this rug also has raincloud and sun and moon motifs. 55 by 36 inches. $875