The Hopi weave three types of baskets:

Hopi coiled basket or poota, is a style which is made only in the villages on Second Mesa. It is woven of galleta grass/sühü and sewn with yucca/ (Yucca angustisima) called mooho in Hopi. 

Willow wicker baskets are known as yungyapu in Hopi. A shallow wicker basket or plaque is called a yungyapngölökpu. It is woven of sumac (rhus trilobata), called suuvi in Hopi and rabbit brush (chrysothamnus), called siváapi. 

A Hopi yucca sifter - called tutsaya in the Hopi language - is woven from the leaves of the yucca angustissima or narrow-leaf yucca, called mootsoki in Hopi. It is the only style woven on all three mesas. 

Baskets remain an important part of Hopi life and the Hopi themselves are the biggest customers for Hopi baskets


A Hopi wicker basket purchased between 50 and 60 years ago. 10.75 inches across. $200 (SANTA DFE)

sifter trio.JPG

The red/purple yucca sifter was woven  by Anne Lalo Just over 9 inches across. $65 The other two are by Lucinda Masawytewa.-The smaller one is 7.5 inches across and $60, The larger is just over 9 inches across and $80. (ALL SOLD)

Pmana coil.JPG

A vintage Hopi coiled basket with a Palhkwmana or Butterfly Maiden motif.  15.25 inches across. $1275. (TUCSON)

This basket, with a Koyemsi/Mudhead and cloud design has a peg holder that shows it was probably held by  Supai or Konin Mana while dancing. Slight wear, 9.25 by 1.5 inches. About 30 years old. Rare. $450. (TUCSON)

wicker pair.JPG

At left, in a sunflower motif is a wicker basket by Lucinda Masawytewa. 7.75 inches across and SOLD.  The one at right is 8 inches across and and $125. (BOTH IN SANTA FE)

The basket wt left has raincloud motifs and was woven about 30 years ago. 6.5 high and 10 inches across. $450. The next two are about 60 years old. The middle basket is 5 by 9 inches, has some wear to the bottom coils and $325. The one at far right us 5.25 by 8.5 inches and $375. (ALL IN TUCSON)

This willow wicker plaque is 10 inches across and SOLD $150. (TUCSON)

Hopi Pman poota.JPG

Woven in a sunflower pattern this plaque measures 9 3/8 inches across and it also SOLD $150. (TUCSON)

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 5.41.34 PM.png

An exception basket with a Butterfly Maiden motif was woven by Evangeline Talahaftewa. It earned 1st prize in Hopi Baskets, Best of Division in basketry and Best of Class ah the 1979 Indian Market and comes with the ribbons, signed by three outstanding judges: Geronima Montoya, Nancy Fox and Kate Kent. Juts under 16 inches across. $2400.

The basket at left is unusual for its combination of designs: a turtle surmounted by a rainbow and flanked by antelope.12 inches across. 1960s. SOLD $300. The basket with the swirling motif is 10.5 inches across and 2.25 inches deep. $425. (BOTH IN TUCSON)

The small coiled basket at left was woven by L Jones (who is Tohono O'odham and Hopi). 8.25 inches across. $80. (SANTA FE) The one at right is by L Lomakema and 4.5 inches across.SOLD $45. (TUCSON)

A wicker plaque with an eagle surrounded by a rain design.  12 inches across, it was woven in 1990 accrding to the original tag. And we've kept the 1990 price: $300. SOLD A miniature plaited taapu or cradleboard. 13 inches tall, 8 inches across and the sun shade is just over 5 inches high. Woven by Steven Montoya of Hopi. $200. (BOTH IN TUCSON)

Woven with a star or flower motif, this one measures.9.5 inches across. SOLD $325. The yellow and black. raincloud design basket is 10.5 inches across. Woven many years ago by Roseline Day - original tag still attached. SOLD $220. (BOTH IN TUCSON)