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A Koshare bearing gifts of piki, roasted corn, cookies and a katsina doll. 24 inches high. $440. (SANTA FE) 








At right is a Sikya Tsuku or Yellow Clown by Nick Brokeshoulder. He stands 10 1/8 inches high and $200. (SANTA FE)

Hopi Koshares will spoof anybody. These two by Brendan Kayquoptewa -a Koshare Chef, Mechanic and Doctor. Each is about 13 inches high to the top of the corn husks. Each is $285. The Doctor and Mechanic are in Santa Fe and the Chef is in Tucson.

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BK mudhead.JPG

A Ho'e - well-fed after feasting. One of the functions of the clowns (especially the Koshares) is to show how one should behave by taking the opposite to the extreme. Carved by Leander Tenakhongva. The Ho'e is 6 inches high, $300 (SANTA FE)
The Mudhead carrying piki to hand out was carved by Brendan Kayquoptewa. 7 inches high. $125 (TUCSON)

RB Koyala.JPG

Randy Brokeshoulder carved this 11 inch high Kosahare. $275 (SANTA FE)

EK Koshare.JPG

The Koshare above was carved by Erik Kayquoptewa .14.5 inches high to the top of the corn husks. $50 (TUCSON)

Two Koshares by Larry Melendez of the Butterfly Clan from the village of Sitsom'ovi. Each is just over 13 inches long but the one on the right is carved from a curved piece of wood, so straight up it's a tad shorter than it's blue-faced companion. Each is $85. The blue one is in TUCSON and the white one is in SANTA FE.







At right is a Tsuku or Clown that is known by a couple of names (Qötsa Tsuku and Omaw Tsuku - White Clown and Cloud Clown. Carved by Manuel Chavarria of the Butterfly Clan. Almost 10 inches to the top. $160. (SANTA FE)