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A turquoise bird, bear, shrew, turtle, eagle, frog, wolf and hummingbird necklace by Lena Boone. 26.5 inches long. With earrings: $535. She has added a small metal tab that she signed to identify her work. (SANTA FE)

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Also by Lena and also tagged, this necklace of hummingbirds is carved of amber. 25 inches long and $450. (SANTA FE)

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Made in the 1970s, the coral and olivella shell necklace is strung with six animal carvings of fossilized ivory by Pete (d) and Dinah Gasper. 27 inches long. SOLD. (SANTA FE)

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A single strand of beautiful turquoise birds by the late Sam Delena and his wife Lita. 28 inches long and SOLD. (SANTA FE)

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Shell and serpentine birds strung with coral and very fine serpentine beads by Lavina (Tsikewa) Kaskalla in the 1970s. 22.5 inches long and $525. (ON HOLD) (SANTA FE)

ivory close.jpg

Bill Tsikewa carved this wonderful 3 strand bird necklace of fossilized ivory in the 1970s. SOLD


This raven necklace by Tim Lementino was carved of black marble, interspersed with turquoise nuggets and strung on olivella shell. 32 inches long from catch to catch. $335. (TUCSON)

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Sam Delena and his wife Lita carved this lovely two strand bird necklace. Late 1960s. 30 inches long. SOLD. (SANTA FE)