Two Koshares by Larry Melendez of the Butterfly Clan from the village of Sitsom'ovi. Each is just over 13 inches long but the one on the right is carved from a curved piece of wood, so straight up it's a tad shorter than it's blue-faced companion. Each is $85. The blue one is in TUCSON and the white one is in SANTA FE.

Nick Brokeshoulder carved this Mudhead clown in the act of finished up a Qöqöle katsina doll that will be give out to a young girl during the katsina dances. 10.5 inches high. $275 (SANTA FE)

A Santa Koshare by Brendan Kayquoptewa. $280. (SANTA FE)


At right is a Tsuku or Clown that is known by a couple of names (Qötsa Tsuku and Omaw Tsuku - White Clown and Cloud Clown. Carved by Manuel Chavarria of the Butterfly Clan. Almost 10 inches to the top. $160. (TUCSON)

Above is a Mechanic Koshare (we've all been to one at some point....) By Brendan.13 inches high. $285. (TUCSON)


Kwikwilyaqas or Mocking katsinas have no boundaries: I've seen theses clowns dressed as everything from Elvis to sports figures to ministers to doctors and beauty-show judges. This Trump Mocker was carved by Ryon Polequaptewa. 9 inches high and $350. (TUCSON)



A Don't Worry Be Hopi Koshare and a Harley Koshare (SOLD), both by Brendan. $300 each. (The one at left is in Tucson and the other in Santa Fe)

Jared Quamahongnewa carved this Koshare which is 13 inches high. $88. (TUCSON)

The Mudhead (Koyemsi) above was carved by Clark Tenakhongva. He was one of the very first katsina carvers to return to the old style of carving and re-introduce mineral paints. Just over 14 inches high. SOLD (SANTA FE)


A Mudhead Mana (Koyemsi Mana) by Nick Brokeshoulder. 11 inches high. SOLD (SANTA FE)

A Mudhead by Jared Quamahongnewa. 10 inches high. $80. (TUCSON)


By Jared Quamahongnewa this Koyemsi is 11.75 inches high and $85. (SANTA FE)