Except for the feathers, this was carved from a single piece of wood by Brendan Kayquoptewa. 10.75 inches high. $1800. Please click on the images to se a larger version.) Next is a Koshare/Koyala by Darance Chimerica. 13 inches to the tip of the corn husks. SOLD. (BOTH IN SANTA FE)

All by Nick Brokeshoulder of the Tobacco Clan from the  village of Hotvela: His flat doll Koshare is 2 feet high and $210. A Navajo clown. $250 and 12.5” high. (SANTA FE) A Koshare trying to get a different perspective on things.16 inches to the tip of the cornhusks. $240. (TUCSON) A Mudhead with a flowered kerchief. Carved by Max Curley, it’s 14 inches high and $68. (SANTA FE)


Hopi Koshares will spoof anybody. These three by Brendan Kayquoptewa -a Koshare Chef, Mechanic and Doctor. Each is about 13 inches high to the top of the corn husks. Each is $285. The Doctor and Mechanic are in Santa Fe and the Chef is in Tucson.

BK Kwivi Koyala 12.5.JPG

A Kwivi Koyala or fancy Koshare, by Brendan Kayquoptewa. 12.5 inches high. $275. (SANTA FE)

Kipok K.jpg

A Mudhead but not clowning as this is a Kipok Koyemsi or Warrior Mudhead. 9.5 inches high. Carved by Larry Melendez. $120 (SANTA FE)

KQ K 9.75.JPG

Above is a Koyala (Koshare) by Kevin Quanimptewa. 9.75 inches high. $130. (TUCSON)


Tucked in with the other clowns is this Tsuku by Neil David Sr. Carved in 1987 it measure 3.25 inches high and is $375. (SANTA FE)

NB Koyala. 16.5JPG.JPG

This Koyala was carved by Nick Brokeshoulder. 16 inches high. $250 (TUCSON)

KQ Mudhead 8.JPG

A Koyemsi (Mudhead) by Kevin Quanimptewa. 8 inches high. (TUCSON)


TC K.jpg

A Koyemsi exhorting the katsinas to dance more strongly. Carved some years back by Tom Collateta Sr from Polacca Village. 11.5 inches tall and $240 (SANTA FE)

At left is a Mudhead made by Manuel Chavarria of the Butterfly Clan from the village of Sitsomovi on First Mesa. 9.5 inches high and SOLD (SANTA FE)


A Toson Koyempsi by Randy Brokeshoulder. The name translates as Sweet Corn Koyemsi. 12.75 inches high and $400 (SANTA FE)

NB Mudhead 15.JPG

A Mudhead acting as a hapota or drummer. Ny Nick Brokeshoulder, it is 15 inches high. $350. (SANTA FE)

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 10.08.18 PM.png

Clearly a Koshare that has been talking until it’s blue in the face…. by Larry Melendez of the Butterfly Clan from the village of Sitsom'ovi. Just over 13 inches long $85. (TUCSON)