A Corn Maiden overlay necklace set with natural turquoise by Hopi jewelry Elmer Satala. This one won Honorable Mention at the Hopi Show Show sponsored each year by the Museum of Northern Arizona, in Flagstaff. The ribbon comes with the necklace which is 20 inches long. The pendant is 3.5 inches long. $975 (TUCSON)

Smokey Gchachu of Zuni created this technically demanding very beautiful reversible coral and turquoise necklace (with matching earrings) $1800. (Santa Fe)

Two spectacular natural turquoise chokers by Ray Lovato! The one at left was made of turquoise from the Morenci Mine in Azizona and is 20 inches long. SOLD The Blue Gem turquoise choker at right is 18.5 inches long. $1275. Both have 14kt gold catches. (TUCSON)

A beautiful necklace set with Royston turquoise. Stacey Gishal made the pendant and his son Travis made the silver beads and catch (which bears his hallmark). 29 inches long. The pendant length is 3 inches. Stacy is a boilermaker but silversmiths as time permits. $1600.  (SANTA FE)