A Paakiw or Fish katsina - a Tewa katsina that appears at Hano village on First Mesa. 14 inches high and 10 inches across. Carved by Ryan Gashweseoma. $350 (TUCSON)

Pot 1.JPG

Sivu’ikwitaqa or Pot Carrier Boy, carrying a Hopi ceramic water canteen on his back. Carved by David Selina of the Snow Clan. 6 3/8 inches high including the base. $150. (TUCSON)


Squirrel  Juice Tso 12.5.JPG

A Lakoona or Squirrel katsina by Justice Tso. 12.5 inches high. SOLD (SANTA FE)


RL Patung 10.JPG

A Patung or Squash katsina by Raynard Lalo. 10 inches high. SOLD (SANTA FE)

Cimmaron G Hemis.JPG

Hemis katsina by Cimarron Grover. 18 inches high. SOLD. (SANTA FE) 


Mowa Hoho.JPG

A small Hoho Mana - by Augustine Mowa. 4.5 inches high. $85.  (SANTA FE)

Gene Dawahoya -better known as Nuvadi - carved this Turtle Maiden. 8.5 inches high and $525. A beautiful Tasap katsina by Carl Nequatewa. 11 inches high. SOLD (SANTA FE)


RL Morivosi 10.JPG

A 10 inch high Morivosi katsina by Raynard Lalo. SOLD (SANTA FE)


Kwewu Marty Naha 9.JPG

A Kwewu or Wolf katsina, by Marty Naha. 9 inches high. SOLD. (SANTA FE)

LH Broadface.JPG

A Broadface or Wuuyaqqötö by Lloyd Honhongva. 12 inches high and 9 inches across. $300. (TUCSON)


A Hensona katsina by Randy Brokeshoulder. 12.25 inches high. $275. (SANTA FE)
His name is literally “craves (your) hair”. A wawarus or runner katsina, he will challenge a young man to a race. If the man wins he receives a small basket with an eagle down attached to it. If he loses the race, then the katsina will cut off a whack of the hapless loser’s hair, usually using sheep shears. 


To the top of the feather, this Lizard katsina by Brendan Kayquoptewa is 12 inches. SOLD. (SANTA FE)

 The Manang.ykatsina represents a type of Collared Lizard (Crotophtus) found at Hopi. There is also a Lizard Clan at Hopi, closely affiliated with the Badger and Snake Clans. The Lizard katsina is one of the warrior katsinas.

RG Solaa.JPG

A Solaawitsi by Ryan Gashweseoma. 14.5 inches high. SOLD (SANTA FE)

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.22.55 PM.png

Lloyd Honhongva carved this Badger katsina, 12 inches high to the tip of the feathers. SOLD. (TUCSON)


3 horn.JPG

A Payuk'ala (literally: Three Horn) katsina. (TUCSON)

BK Lizard 12.JPG

A Hahai'i Wuuhti carved by Kurt Lomawaima. 10.5 inches high. SOLD. (SANTA FE)


One of the wawarus or runner katsinas: a Qalavi. By Tayron Polequaptewa. 9 inches to the top of the feathers. $200. (TUCSON)

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 3.38.19 PM.png

This Pang katsina (Mountain Sheep katsina) was carved by Randy Brokeshoulder. 15 inches high. $400. (TUCSON)

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 3.39.37 PM.png

A Hilili katsina by Darance Chimerica. 13 inches high. $300. (TUCSON)