Nick Brokeshoulder with his newest work: a Palhikwmana. Butterfly dancers appear in a social dance called the Butterfly Dance in English.  This is held in the early Fall for the benefit of the harvest. As a reminder of the importance of family ties her dancing partner is always a relative. The headdress is made by the male partner/relative as a gesture of thanks, since the women are allowed to ask the men to dance.  Her long hair represents the fall of gentle rain. Symbols of clouds, rain, lightning, the sun and rainbows, even corn are used in the tablita or headdress. (SANTA FE)

Kuwan K.JPG

Tis Kuwan Kokopelli was carved by Kevin Quanimptewa. 10 inches high. $250 (SANTA FE)

Hano M.JPG

A Hano Man by Kevin Honyoutu. 8 inches high. $140 (SANTA FE)

A runner/wawarus style Palakwayo/Red Tail Hawk and an old style Cloud/Omaaw by Ryan Gashweseoma. The Red Tail Hawk stands 10.5 inches high while the Cloud is 12.5" high. Each is $300. (SANTA FE)
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RB Sio Navan.JPG

A Sio Navan or Zuni style Velvet Shirt katsina, by Randy Brokeshoulder. 17 inches to the tip of the feather. $350 (SANTA FE)

Ryan turtle.JPG

A Turtle katsina carved by Ryan Gashweseoma. 9.5 inches high. $300. (TUCSON)

nicks Eag;.jpg

An Eagle or Kwaakatsina by Nick Brokeshoulder. Just under 2 feet tall and a wingspan of 18 inches.We've made a stand for it out of a disk of cottonwood root with a wooden dowel. $675. (SANTA FE)


A Hahai'i Wuuhti carved by Kurt Lomawaima. 10.5 inches high. $220. (SANTA FE)


Big forehead.JPG

A Hemis katsina as he appears during the Niman Ceremony (also known as the Home Dance). Carved by Larry Melendez of the Butterfly Clan from the village of Sitsom'ovi on First Mesa. 2 feet tall. $675 (SANTA FE)

Soyok wuuhti.JPG

Above is So'yok Wuuhti by Ryan Gashweseoma. 7 inches high.  $200. (SANTA FE)


At left is a katsina carved by Ryan's brother, William. It is one of the warrior-hunter katsinas, called Wukoqal’katsina, which translates a Big Forehead. 9.5 inches to the tip of the feather. $240.(SANTA FE)



Also by Sunaweuma, a Frog (Paakwa) 6 inches high. $150. (TUCSON)

Above is Hahai Wuuti, carved by Tayron Polequaptewa. 9.5 inches high.SOLD  (TUCSON)




An Omaw or Cloud katsina by William Gashweseoma. 10.25 inches to the tip of the feather. $280. (SANTA FE)


The Hoho Mana above is also Tayron's work. 9.5 inches to the tip of the feathers. $250 (TUCSON)

A Tasap Mana by Randy Brokeshoulder. 9 inches high. SOLD (SANTA FE)

KL Susopa.JPG

A Sösopa or Cricket katsina by Kurt Lomawaima. $150. (SANTA FE)

LP Heoto.JPG

A Heoto katsina -a warrior/hunter katsina- by Lenno Polinygumptewa.. 10 inches high. $275. (SANTA FE)

A Patung or Squash katsina by Art Tawahongva. 10 inches high. $145. (SANTA FE)


Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 1.57.52 PM.png

Hahai'i Wuuhti - the grandmother of the katsinas. She will be appearing in many villages at Hopi over the next week or so, with some of her children, the hungry Sooyokos, as part of the observance known in Hopi as Powamuya and in English as Bean Dance. By Ryan Gashweseoma, it measures 8 inches high to the feather tip, $200. (TUCSON)

This particular carving above represents the Huuhuwa or Cross-Legged katsina which is said by some to represent the spirit of an exceptionally kindly man from one of the Hopi villages who lived in the 1800s. Carved by Randy Brokeshoulder, this one is 14.25 inches high and $425. (SANTA FE)

RB whipper.JPG

This unusual Tewa whipper was carved by Randy Brokeshoulder. 9.5 inches high. SOLD. (TUCSON)

LP b-face.JPG

 Wuuyaqqötö, he is one of the guard katsinas, known in Hopi as the Tuwalakum. They perform a number of functions, ranging from keeping spectators at a distance as the Katsinas process to and from the plaza where the ceremonies are held. Brandishing their yucca whips, they also find ‘volunteers’ to work on community projects. His name literally means wide head but is usually translated as broadface. 10.5 inches high. Carved by Lenno Polingyumptewa. $275. (SANTA FE)

Angwusanomtaqa - Crow Mother by Horace Kayquoptewa. Just over 10 inches tall. $250.  (SANTA FE)



A Ho'ote katsinas by Randy Howato. This one comes on a (removable) cottonwood stand to accommodate the feathers that fan out towards the back. 12 inches high. SOLD (SANTA FE)

A Hilili katsina by Darance Chimerica. 13 inches high. $300. (TUCSON)

This Pang katsina (Mountain Sheep katsina) was carved by Randy Brokeshoulder. 15 inches high. $400. (TUCSON)


By Darance Chimerica, this Wakas or Cow katsina is 12 inches high to the tip of his tallest feather. $300 (SANTA FE)

A Moosa or Cat katsina wearing a Navajo weaving as his kilt - a weaving with the pattern often called 'Tree of Life' but which in fact is taken from a sandpainting motif in the Blessing Way ceremony. Carved by Shawn Deel. 11 inches high. $375. (SANTA FE)