ld sun front.JPG

And older (circa 1950s) Sun katsina.14 inches high. $800. (SANTA FE)  (SANTA FE)


Circa 1950s, this Tasaf katsina is 12 inches high. $250.(SANTA FE)


A Kwewu or Wolf katsina by Larry Melendez from Sitsomovi Village. 9.5 inches high and $350 (SANTA FE)

Old Sn back.JPG
old Supai.JPG

A Supai katsina from the 1940s-50s. 13 inches high to feather tip. $975.

NB Momo .JPG
Old P Mana.JPG
Ola PMana back.JPG

A Palhkwamana or Butterfly Maiden 1940-50s. 18 inches high. $1275. (SANTA FE)

old Pang.JPG

A Pang or Mountain Sheep, also around 1940-50s. 12 inches high, $1100. (SANTA FE)

At left is a Momo or Bee katsina by Nick Brokeshoulder. 12.5 inches high and $280 (Santa Fe)

All by Nick Brokeshoulder of the Tobacco Clan .A Talavai’i or Early Morning katsina. 17 inches high and $330. The Warrior Maiden - He’e’e is 14 inches high and SOLD. Nata’aska is 22.5 inches high and $380. (ALL IN SANTA FE)


A Paakiw or Fish katsina - a Tewa katsina that appears at Hano village on First Mesa. 14 inches high and 10 inches across. Carved by Ryan Gashweseoma. $350 (TUCSON)

Pot 1.JPG

Sivu’ikwitaqa or Pot Carrier Boy, carrying a Hopi ceramic water canteen on his back. Carved by David Selina of the Snow Clan. 6 3/8 inches high including the base. $150. (TUCSON)


BK full badger.JPG

A Lizard katsina, by Brendan Kayquoptewa. $280, he measures 12.25 high to feather tip.


RL- 8.25  Patsok.JPG

The Patsoq katsina represents the cockleburr plant. By Raynard Lalo. 82.5 inches high. SOLD (SANTA FE)

RL Tumas 12.JPG

Sio Hemis by Ranier Koruh. 16.5 inches high.$300. (SANTA FE)

J QUamahongnewa Pawik 10.JPG

A Pawik or Duck katsina by Jared Quamahongnewa. 10 inches high and $240. (SANTA FE)

Corey Ahonewa Patung 10.JPG

This Patgna or Squash katsina was carved by Corey Ahonewa. 10 inches high. $300. (TUCSON)

BK whitebear full.JPG

A White Bear, also by Brendan Kayqupotewa. He measures 6.5 inches high and SOLD. (SANTA FE)

RL Koyemsi  9.5.JPG

A Koyemsi, also by Raynard. It stands 10 inches high. $200 (SANTA FE)

At left is a Tumas or Crow Mother katsina by Raynard. 12 inches high and $240. At right is his Palavitkuna or Red Skirt Runner, 9 inches high and $200. (SANTA FE)

Kuwan Heheya 12.5 Lenno P.JPG

A Kuwan Heheya by Lenno Polingyumptewa. 13 inches high and $400. (SANTA FE)

Hemis HK 16.JPG

A Hemis katsina by Horace Kayquoptewa. 17 inches high. $350 (SANTA FE)

old totsa.JPG

An older (1950s) Totsa or Hummingbird katsina. 7 inches high. $250.(SANTA FE)

Ciwap RL 10.JPG

The Ciwap or Blowing Sand katsina was carved by Raynard Lalo. 9.5 inches high. SOLD. (SANTA FE)

RL Red Skirt  9.5.JPG

A Hensona katsina by Randy Brokeshoulder. 12.25 inches high. $275. (SANTA FE)
His name is literally “craves (your) hair”. A wawarus or runner katsina, he will challenge a young man to a race. If the man wins he receives a small basket with an eagle down attached to it. If he loses the race, then the katsina will cut off a whack of the hapless loser’s hair, usually using sheep shears. 

WiharuLenno P 14.JPG

A Wiharu by Lenno Polingyumptewa. He stands 15 inches high to feather tips and $450. (SANTA FE)



3 horn.JPG

A Payuk'ala (literally: Three Horn) katsina carved by Larryn Masawytewa. 10.75 inches high and $220. (TUCSON)


One of the wawarus or runner katsinas: a Qalavi. By Tayron Polequaptewa. 9 inches to the top of the feathers. $200. (TUCSON)

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 3.38.19 PM.png

This Pang katsina (Mountain Sheep katsina) was carved by Randy Brokeshoulder. 15 inches high. $400. (TUCSON)