A Sakwa (Blue) Ho'te and a Sikya (Yellow) Ho'te by Wayland Namingha Jr. Individually they are 13 inches high and $350 each. As a pair they are $675. (SANTA FE)


The Tsakusrhmana or Yellow Corn Maiden as she appears during the Niman Ceremony, carrying her rasps and gourd resonator along with piki bread that she hands out during intervals in the ceremony. 10 inches high and $400.By Ryan Gasweseoma and in SANTA FE

Also by Sunaweuma, a Frog (Paakwa) 6 inches high. $150. (TUCSON)

Above is Hahai Wuuti, carved by Tayron Polequaptewa. 9.5 inches high. $240.  
The Hoho Mana at right is also Tayron's work. 9.5 inches to the tip of the feathers. $250 (BOTH IN TUCSON)

Eric Kayquoptewa carved this Omaaw or Cloud katsina. Rather tall for his work, this one stand about 16 inches high. $525 (SANTA FE)


Another variation of the Piksona, this one was carved by Augustine Mowa II and is 7.5 inches high and $200. (SANTA FE)

A Buffalo Maiden or Mosayru Mana by Earl ‘Dino’ Patterson (Sunaweuma) of Kykotsmovi Village. 10 inches high. $200 (TUCSON)

Not a true katsina, this Badger tuuhikya or healer seems to belong on this page anyway. It was carved by Nuvadi Dawahoya. 4 inches high. $300. (SANTA FE)


A  Piki Eater. His first Hopi name, Piksona, means 'obne who loves piki' while the other name Pikkyàatsantaqa literally means ‘he holds piki in his mouth’. This katsina has only appeared at Hotvela Village where he jumped rope using a rope fashioned from strands of yucca. He holds a piki roll in his mouth and his face is painted with the warrior tracks and his head is topped with the hurunkwa feathers that mark warrior, hunter and guard katsinas. He is also known as Piksona or one who craves piki. Carved by Raynard Lalo and is 11 inches high to the tip of the feather. SOLD (SANTA FE)

A Tasap Mana by Randy Brokeshoulder. 9 inches high. $270. (SANTA FE)

 Above is a Sivutootovi - the Soot Fly katsina – one of the wawarus or runner katsinas. If a young man is challenged by Sivutootovi to a race and wins he receives a small Hopi basketry plaque as a prize. If he loses he is switched with a yucca whip. Carved by Merlin James of Songóopavi Village. 11 inches to the top of the feathers. $175, (SANTA FE)


A Sio Hemis by Randy Howato. 15.5 inches high. He is portrayed as he would be at the Niman ceremony where he appears: distributing food and gifts. SOLD. (SANTA FE)

At left is A Momo or Bee katsina by Nick Brokeshoulder. It measures 14" high to the antennae. $300. (SANTA FE)

This particular carving above represents the Huuhuwa or Cross-Legged katsina which is said by some to represent the spirit of an exceptionally kindly man from one of the Hopi villages who lived in the 1800s. Carved by Randy Brokeshoulder, this one is 14.25 inches high and $425. (SANTA FE)

Above is a Tsitoto (Tobacco Flower) katsina, by Craig Grover. It measures 13.5 inches high and is $300.(SANTA FE)

An Angwus Taka or Crow Boy by Nick Brokeshoulder. He measures just under 15 inches high. $400. (SANTA FE)

A Badger or Honan katsina, by Wayland Namingha Jr. 12 inches high. $300 (TUCSON)

A Mastok katsina by Merlin James. Named for a type of fly, this katsina often carries a Hopi throwing stick, used in hunting rabbits. The dots on the mask represent the constellations we know as the Big Dipper and the Pleiades. The katsina appears in pairs at the beginning of the katsina year as a part of a ritual designed to insure fertility – specifically the continuation or renewal of the life cycle. 11 inches. $175 (SANTA FE)

Angwusanomtaqa - Crow Mother by Horace Kayquoptewa. Just over 10 inches tall. $250.  (SANTA FE)


A Brown Badger by Wayland Namingha Jr. 10.25 inches high. $280. (TUCSON)

Larsen Harris Jr of Musangnovi Village carved this Moosa or Cat katsina. 11 inches to the tip of the feathers. $300 (SANTA FE)

This Pang katsina (Mountain Sheep katsina) was carved by Randy Brokeshoulder. 15 inches high. $400. (TUCSON)

He'e'e - Warrior Maiden by Darance Chimerica, 10 inches tall.  $275. (SANTA FE)

By Darance Chimerica, this Wakas or Cow katsina is 12 inches high to the tip of his tallest feather. $300 (SANTA FE)

Hahai'i Wuuhti - the grandmother of the katsinas. She will be appearing in many villages at Hopi over the next week or so, with some of her children, the hungry Sooyokos, as part of the observance known in Hopi as Powamuya and in English as Bean Dance. By Ryan Gashweseoma, it measures 8 inches high to the feather tip. $200 (SANTA FE)



By Cimmarron Grover made this Paakwa Mana or Frog Maiden is 10.5 inches high and 8.5 inches across.  $475. (SANTA FE)

 The Tangak.wunu katsina represents the rainbow - a fusion of sunlight and rain (the black and white dashes on his visor) from the clouds (shown on his cheeks). By Cimmarron Grover, it is 13 inches high. $450 (SANTA FE)


A Hilili katsina by Darance Chimerica. 13 inches high. $300. (TUCSON)


A Moosa or Cat katsina wearing a Navajo weaving as his kilt - a weaving with the pattern often called 'Tree of Life' but which in fact is taken from a sandpainting motif in the Blessing Way ceremony. Carved by Shawn Deel. 11 inches high. $375. (SANTA FE)