And please check our vintage jewelry gallery for some interesting older bracelets.

Rick Manuel created the desert overlay scene bracelet at left. 1.25 inches wide, this interesting and highly-detailed bracelet was made for a medium-small wrist and is $575. Navajo jewelry artist Paulson Thomas made the bracelet at right with a star motif that floats just above the bracelet itself.. Also made for medium wrist, it is 1 inch wide and $450. (BOTH IN TUCSON)

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By Jennifer Curtis, 1 5/8 inch wide. 5.5 inches with a 1 inch opening. $950. The square wire heavy-gauge bracelets are also $410. Beautifully, meticulously made. (ALL IN TUCSON)


Repoussé bracelet by Wanesia Spry Misquadace. 1 inch wide. 5.75 inches with a 1 inch opening. $300.  Two inlaid bracelets by Tim Yazzie, an excellent very versatile silversmith who lives in Tucson now - so we are looking forward to carrying more of his work. 5/8 inch wide and $375 each. (ALL IN TUCSON)


Three overlay bracelets, top to bottom: by Kee Yazzie, Navajo.  3/4 inch wide. SOLD . With a central flower motif, by Jason Takala Jr., Hopi. 5/8 inch wide. $350.  and the bottom one by Peter Nelson, Navajo. 3/4 inch wide. $225

The sterling and 14kt gold Galaxy bracelet is by Jennifer Curtis. 2 1/8 inches wide. 5.5 inches with a 1 inch opening. $2400 (TUCSON)

Craig Agoodie made both of these bracelets. The one at left is set with clear turquoise from Bisbee. Just over 1 inch wide, Made for a small wrist. $525. The one at right is the same size and set with turquoise from the Carico Lake mine in Nevada. $600. (BOTH IN TUCSON)


Ernest br 2.jpg

Two beautiful sandcast bracelets with painstaking filework, by Ernest Rangel. Both fit a small wrist. (One in Tucson, one in Santa Fe) $525.


Frances Jones made this beautiful contemporary turn on her traditional track bracelet. Set with natural turquoise from the Royston Mine in Nevada. Just over 1 inch wide. Fits a small wrist. $1275. (TUCSON)


This bracelet was made by the late Willie Coin Sr., Navajo. (we have a concha belt by him in our vintage gallery) Just over 1.5 inches wide. Made for a small wrist. $300 (TUCSON)


All three by Frances Jones and all three in Tucson. From left to right: the one with square wire (and consequently noticeably heavier than ones with triangle wire) is 1.25 inches wide and is 5.5 inches with a 1 inch opening. $800 The middle one is 7/8 inch wide and made for a smaller wrists (5.25 inches) SOLD At far right the bracelet is the same width and size as its cousin at far left. $420.

At left a new style of work from Vernon Begaye, employing hammered overlay and set with a nice turquoise the Kingman Mine. It measures just over 5.5 inches with a 1.25 inch opeing. $875. The old style bracelet at right is by Robert Sorrell. Set with natural Lone Mountain spiderweb turquoise. Large enough to fit most men at 6 inches with a 1.25 inch opening. 1.5 inches across. $1600. (BOTH IN SANTA FE)

Wayne Muskett (one of the silversmiths featured in my book Silver + Stone, made this great grouping of bracelets. The top five are 3/8 inch wide and $160 each The bottom two are 1/2 inch wide and $240 each. The top turquoise bracelet is sold All in Tucson. Larry Joe, one of a family of fine, award-winning silversmiths made the bracelet at right, set with a very nice piece of Royston turquoise. 1.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches with a 1 inch opening. $675 (TUCSON)

New work by Pat Pruitt. These designs are cut into the surface of stainless steel using a laser. The frequency of the laser light results in light refracting from the surface in the two colors seen at left. The butterfly motif is 1.25 inches wide and $675. The design on the one below -his lightning motif- is based upon an Acoma/Laguna pottery motif. 1.75 inches wide. $675 (we have it in two sizes, the slightly larger one being in TUCSON) The bracelet at right was done at a higher frequency for a more subtle pattern- this is his Mountain pattern. 1 inch wide.  $575. We have it in a men's and a ladies' size. (SANTA FE)

Pat Pruitt refers to the design on this zirconium bracelet as his "Line Study". .75 inch wide it is a medium men's size.(SANTA FE)  France Jones' bracelet is a little over an inch wide and a medium ladies' wrist size.  $800. (TUCSON)

A sandcast bracelet with lightning motif by the up-and-coming silversmith Kevin Yazzie. Set with wonderful piece of Pilot Mountain turquoise. SOLD A spectacular sandcast bracelet by Robert Sorrell, set with coral in a 14kt gold bezel. 1 1/8 inch wide. (SANTA FE) 


The sandcast bracelet is set with a marvelous piece of turquoise from the Royston Mine in Nevada,. Made for a medium wrist, it measures 2 3/8 inches across at the widest point. $475. (Tucson) The sandcast bracelet at right was made by Priscilla Naswood Bahe. Set with an unusual green turquoise from Nevada, it measures 1.75 inches across at the widest point. $300. (SANTA FE)

This stunning bracelet was made a few years ago by the Navajo silversmith Jim Harrison. 1.5 inches across at the widest point. it is inlaid with black jet, turquoise, lapis mother of pearl, coral, malachite, variscite and lepidolite.


A great bracelet by Robert Sorrell, set with a wonderful piece of natural turquoise from the Royston Mine in Nevada. 1 5/8 inches wide, it measures 5.5 inches with a 1 inch opening. The stone is 1.75 by 1.25 inches. $1400. (SANTA FE)


A showstopper: a Salako pair in an overlay cuff, two inches wide, with multiple textured silver surfaces. By Bennett Kagenvema.$1800 (SANTA FE)