A spectacular stone owl by Wilson Romero of Cochiti. 5 inches long and 3.5 inches high. SOLD

Florentino Martinez's skill is legendary but now, with finer tools, he has taken his carving to the next level with the Koshare/Clown. 1 7/8 inches high. $240. 

2 pair.JPG

Above are two wolf pairs by Jayne Quam (Navajo, married into Zuni many years ago). Each is about 3 inches long. the black marble and green serpentine pair at left is SOLD while the black marble and red alabaster pair at right with inlaid turquoise is $75.



A Zunistone lion with turquoise eyes and nose by Enrike Leekya. 3 by 2 3/8 inches. $110.


The white alabaster Dalmation is by Cody Nastacio, who carves great dogs. 3.25 inches long and just over 2 inches high. $75. The cedar bison is by Lynn Quam -famous for his bison carvings. 3.25 inches long and 2 3/8 inches high. $90.


Alex Tsethlikai carved this alabaster grey whale. 4 inches long. $45.

The sandstone pig at left was carved by Brandon Phillips. 2 /38 inches long. $45. The serpentine dustmop dog is by Felissa Martin of Zuni. 1.75 inches long $36.

The white alabster goat is 2.75 inches high and 2.25 inches long. By Bryston Bowannie. $60 The black marble stingray was carved by Kenny Chavez. 2.5 inches across. SOLD


The coloration in the glass that Chase Weahkee used to carve this mountain lion suggests a jaguar. 2 inches long. $60. (click for larger images)

The magpie of jet and shell was carved  by Hayes Leekya. 3 inches long. $45. The lizard is carved from tile slag (which some have dubbed the mineral-sounding name of rainbow calsilica) 2.5 inches long, it was made by Kelii Eli (Hawaiian-Zuni). SOLD

 A bobcat of Picasso marble by Wilfred Cheama. 2.25 inches long. $75. Robert Weahkee carved this winsome cat out of antler. He stands 3 1/8 inches high, $48.



A turtle by Kevin Quam, carved of serpentine and inlaid with a turquoise dragonfly. 2.25 inches long. $42. A Picasso marble dragonfly by Douglas Martza. 2.25 inch wingspan. SOLD

Four Corn Maidens carved from a piece of sandstone by Gloria Chattin. 1 5/8 inches high. $130.



 Mike Mahooty carved the onyx badger. 3.25 inches long. SOLD. The Zunistone bobcat with its turquoise kit is by Enrike Leekya. 2.25 by 1.75 inches. $75.



 A charoite badger by Lisa Bobelu. 2.75 inches long. $60. The Pueblo maiden is carved of cuperite (a copper mineral) by Sandra Quandelacy. 2.75 inches high. SOLD.



Bear with friend. He (she?) is carved of Zunistone while its bird companion is carved of azurite-malachite. By Hayes Leekya it is SOLD. and and 3.25 inches long. 2 inches high.

A wonderful dog carved of antler by Robert Weahkee. It stands 1 5/8 inches high and $60.


This bear is footloose and fancy free! Carved of elk antler by Claudia Peina, it stands 3.25 inches high and is $75. We have quite a number of carvings by Abby and Clayton Panteah but we selected this one to start with. Carved of variscite its 2 inches long and $60.