One of Troy Sice's amazingly beautiful happy frogs. 3 inches high. $800. ON HOLD

The stone rooster, 2.75 inches high, is by Enrike Leekya. $85. Sandra Quandelacy's pueblo maiden was carved of bumble bee jasper. 2.75 inches high. SOLD. The petoskey stone frog is patiently waiting for the silver and turquoise fly to get a just a little bit closer...2.5 inches long By Terrance Martza. $70. And the bunrab: all hunkered down. Michael Coble carved it of dendritic talc. 2 inches long. $36.

A wonderful sculpture of Corn Maidens, ladybugs, flowers and a corn plant, carved out of Mohave Green - a type of treated Kingman turquoise is often mistaken for gaspeite. The artist is Chad Quandelacy. 2.75 inches high. $180.

A glass bear by Josh Leki. 2.5 inches long. $36. . A charming butterfly maiden by Claudia Peina. 3.5 inches high with sterling silver wings. SOLD. A lepidolite eagle 1 by 2.2 inches, by Ryan Awelgate. $40.

At left is a bear of labradorite It really flashes color quite beautifully but that's hard to catch in a photo. By Bernard Laiwakete. 2 inches long. $60. The Brazilian fluorite frog has a neat little green tinge to his lips. By Kenric Laiwakete. 2 3/8 inches long. $125. The wolf carved of fossilized mammoth tooth is by Bernard. 2.5 inches long. $80.

Two eagles of stone Rochelle Quam found at Nutria. The red eagle is 1 5/8 inches high. The wingspan on the other eagle is nearly 2 inches. Each is $50. Two views of a turquoise bison by Lynn Quam. 3 inches long and 2 inches high. $135.

These alabaster and Picasso marble animals were all carved by Edwin Begay, Navajo. They range in price from $22 to $28. These particular ones are in Santa Fe but we have others by him in Tucson. The center images are the two sides of the bear. Click on them for larger images.

A stone bison (4.55 inches long) and a stone bear (3.75 inches long) both by Wilson Romero of Cochiti Pueblo. The bison is $80 and the grizzly is $40. At right a large stone bison by Wilson Romero of Cochiti. 5.25 inches long and 3.75 inches high. $90.

 A Labradorite Bird by Leland Boone and Daphne Quam. 3.25 inches long $ 48. The fluorite bird was carved by Lena Boone.  2.5 inches long. $54.  A Kolowisi (Water Serpent) carved of antler by Robert Weahkee. 5.75 inches long. $70. A very low profile frog - perhaps a stealth frog. Carved by Emory Boone of turquoise, this style is a departure for him. 2.25 by 2 inches and perhaps 1/8 inch thick. $75.


All by Brian Yatsattie. The dragonfly measures 2 5/8 inches long and it's wingspan is 2.25 inches. $140. The snake is $320 and measures 3 inches from head to tail.  The turtle second from he right is just under 2 inches. $120.  The one at far right is larger:  2.4 inches long $180
"Fordite" is what Brian has dubbed the paint slag he carves that came from a closed Ford plant.

Sandra Quandelacy carved this reversible turquoise Corn Maidens. 1 5/8 inches tall. $120.

This eagle by Alvin Calavaza has a wingspan of  3.5 inches.  Carved of purple spiny oyster shell. SOLD. A wonderful brahma bull by Robert Weahkee.

The white alabaster Dalmation is by Cody Nastacio, who carves great dogs. 3.25 inches long and just over 2 inches high. $75. A momma bear with her piggybacking cub of black marble and Picasso marble by Kimberly Kallestewa. 2 /18 in height and width. SOLD. Alex Tsethlikai carved this alabaster grey whale. 4 inches long. SOLD. A whimsical pipestone and jet raccoon by Justin Red Elk. SOLD.  The serpentine dustmop dog is by Felissa Martin of Zuni. 1.75 inches long $36.