The Jasper Seahorse SOLD (1.75 inches high) and jasper Toucan (1.25 inches tall) are by Amethyst Martinez (Florentino and Harrietta Martinez’s daughter). Each is a modest $24. The watermelon Serpentine bear is by Mike Mahooty and stands 2.75 inches high. SOLD. Claudia Peina's turquoise warrior maiden is 2 3/8 inches high and $210 while the Hopi Maiden is 2 3/8 inches high and $180.

This frog was carved out of a very cool piece of turquoise. 1 5/8 inches long and by Brian Yatsattie. A wonderful frog of dark -almost jade green turquoise, also by Brian, measures 2 7/8 inches long and SOLD A shrew (guardian of the nadir) carved of serpentine by Fred Weekoty. 2.75 inches long and $30. The recycled bowling ball mountain lion is by Evalena Boone. 2.25 inches long. $45.

The first two from left to right are carved by Edwin Begay, Navajo: A serpentine frog measuring 1.75 inches long and SOLD. An alabaster bison measuring 2.5 inches long and $30. A Zunistone frog by Enrike Leekya. 1.75 inches high. $48. A trio of owls, with a squirrel quietly hiding inside the hollow log on which they are resting. 3 inches across. By Justin Red Elk. $110.

The snake is by Louise Ponchuella, carved of slate it is 5 inches long and $60. A classic bear by Herbert Him. 3 inches long and 2 inches high, carved of Picasso marble. $150. A serpentine turtle sporting a coral and turquoise dragonfly, by Clissa Martin. 1.5 inches long and $40.

Debra Gaspar made these two rams. The ram in the foreground is carved of onyx and stands 1.25 inches high, while the alabaster one stands 1 1/8 inches high. Each $66. Three crows conspiring!! Carved of jet by Michael Coble. 3.75 inches high. $135. The frog with a ribbon of turquoise down its back and a dragonfly was made by Daisy Natewa. 1.6 inches long $48. A marble bear by Garrick Acque, he measures 2 7/8 inches from nose to tail, SOLD.

The Brazilian fluorite frog has a neat little green tinge to his lips. By Kenric Laiwakete. 2 3/8 inches long. $125. A lepidolite eagle 1 by 2.2 inches, by Ryan Awelgate. $40. Stewart Quandelacy also makes some pottery and it is a pottery shard that was used to create this Zuni maiden. 3 inches high and $105. The stone rooster, 2.75 inches high, is by Enrike Leekya. $85. 


 A Labradorite Bird by Leland Boone and Daphne Quam. 3.25 inches long $ 48. The fluorite bird was carved by Lena Boone.  2.5 inches long. SOLD  The turtle and dragonfly are by Brian Yatsattie and carved of “fordite”, which is what Brian has dubbed the paint slag he carves that came from a closed Ford plant. The dragonfly measures 2 5/8 inches long and its wingspan is 2.25 inches. $140. The turtle is just under 2 inches. $120.  

An orthoceras mountain lion, on the prowl. Carved by Kenric Laiwekete. 4 1/8 inches long and SOLD.