pottery maiden.JPG

Stewart Quandelacy also makes some pottery and it is a pottery shard that was used to create this Zuni maiden. 3 inches high and $105.

r bear & mana.JPG

This bear appears to be acting as a guardian for the turquoise maiden. 2.25 inches high and by Faye Quandelacy. SOLD.

Claudia B fly.JPG

One of Claudia Peina’s marvelous butterfly maidens - another of which graced the cover of the most recent and tribally comprehensive books on animal carvings/fetishes.5.5 inches and SOLD (SANTA FE)

This bear is inlaid on one side with azurite-malchite that the artist (Jessica Eriacho) found in a small deposit somewhere south of the pueblo. 2 inches long. SOLD. The glass jaguar is by Lena Boone's grandson, Joshua Leki, 2.25 inches long. $45.

The stone rooster, 2.75 inches high, is by Enrike Leekya. $85. The petoskey stone frog is patiently waiting for the silver and turquoise fly to get a just a little bit closer...2.5 inches long By Terrance Martza. $70. And the bunrab: all hunkered down. Michael Coble carved it of dendritic talc. 2 inches long. SOLD. The black marble bear with the blue lapis nose is by Gabriel Quam. 3.25 inches long $50

A glass bear by Josh Leki. 2.5 inches long. $36. . A lepidolite eagle 1 by 2.2 inches, by Ryan Awelgate. $40.  The wolf carved of fossilized mammoth tooth is by Bernard. 2.5 inches long. $80.

At left is a bear of labradorite It really flashes color quite beautifully but that's hard to catch in a photo. By Bernard Laiwakete. 2 inches long. $60. The Brazilian fluorite frog has a neat little green tinge to his lips. By Kenric Laiwakete. 2 3/8 inches long. $125. A turquoise butterfly maiden by Sandra QUandelacy. 1.75 inches high. $105.

Two eagles of stone Rochelle Quam found at Nutria. The red eagle is 1 5/8 inches high. The wingspan on the other eagle is nearly 2 inches. Each is SOLD. Two views of a turquoise bison by Lynn Quam. 3 inches long and 2 inches high. SOLD.


All by Wilson Romero of Cochiti: The eagle on it's nest is 2.75 inches high and3.5 inches long. $65 The marvelous conglomerate stone with quartz, basalt and rhyolite is 3.25 inches long. $50 Stone bear with a small pebble lodged in by water action. 7 inches long and anout 5 inches high. $100.

 A Labradorite Bird by Leland Boone and Daphne Quam. 3.25 inches long $ 48. The fluorite bird was carved by Lena Boone.  2.5 inches long. $54.  A very low profile frog - perhaps a stealth frog. Carved by Emery Boone of turquoise, this style is a departure for him. 2.25 by 2 inches and perhaps 1/8 inch thick. SOLD. An obsidian raven by Wilson Romero of Cochiti. 2.25 inches high. SOLD.


All by Brian Yatsattie. The dragonfly measures 2 5/8 inches long and it's wingspan is 2.25 inches. $140. The turtle in the middle is just under 2 inches. $120.  The one at far right is larger:  2.4 inches long $180
"Fordite" is what Brian has dubbed the paint slag he carves that came from a closed Ford plant.

Sandra Quandelacy carved this reversible turquoise Corn Maidens. 1 5/8 inches tall. SOLD. The golden mother of pearl Corn Maiden is by Gloria Chattin. 3.25 inches high. $75.

A wonderful brahma bull by Robert Weahkee. 5 inches high and 4.25 inches across.SOLD The frog with a ribbon of turquoise down its back and a dragonfly was made by Daisy Natewa. 1.6 inches long $48.  Melissa Quam's porcupine is carved from a tagua nut. 1.75 inches long. SOLD