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I don't believe we have ever had a gorilla carving before. This one is of jet carved by Herbert Halate. He stands 2 7/8 inches high. $60.

Sitting almost totem pole style, this pair of owls were carved of antler by Robert Weahkee. Perhaps one owl is peering over the other...they stand 4 38/ inches high, $130.

Some wild and crazy frogs - by Terrance and Jessica Martza. 3 inches long. SOLD.

 A bobcat of Picasso marble by Wilfred Cheama. 2.25 inches long. $75. Robert Weahkee carved this winsome cat out of antler. He stands 3 1/8 inches high, $48.

A marvelous long (4.25 inches) selenite mountain lion by Leland Boone and Daphne Quam. $90.

The shimmering mother of pearl manta ray with silver inserts is 3.25 inches long and was carved by Kenny Chavez. $36. The tile slag gecko was carved by Kelii Eli. About 2.25 inches straight across, it is $130.

 Beautiful bear carved of tile slag by Bernard Laiwakete. Almost 2.5 inches long. $45.

The greenish variscite bear was carved by Clayton and Abby Panteah. 2 inches long. $60. The nervous bunrab is by Danny Booqua. Carved of marble with turquoise beads eyes, it measures 1 3/8 inches long. $36

A carved marble owl by Curtis Garcia, 2.5 inches high. $60. The fierce-looking owl carved of Picasso marble is by Ben Kaamasee. 2.25 inches high. $48


Both carved of Picasso marble by Enrique Leekya. The deer (with removable pen shell horns) is 2.25 inches high. $75. The piggy-back (?!!) goats are 2 3/8 inches high and also $75.

The butterfly was carved from a material dubbed "Fordite". What that is, is accumulated paint overspray from the paint section of a closed Ford plant! The wingspan is about 2.25 inches and the height is 1 inch. By Brian Yatsattie, $180. The serpentine with augite bear at right was carved by Kelii Eli. It stands 2.75 inches high and is $160.


By Kelii Eli (Hawaiian and Zuni), this pipestone lizard with turquoise accents measures 4 5/8 inches in length. $130. Kelii also carved the horned lizard at right. Carved of fossilized mammoth tooth, it measures 2.5 inches long. $90.

Bear with friend. He (she?) is carved of Zunistone while its bird companion is carved of azurite-malachite. By Hayes Leekya it is $85. and and 3.25 inches long. 2 inches high.

A wonderful dog carved of antler by Robert Weahkee. It stands 1 5/8 inches high and $60.


This bear is footloose and fancy free! Carved of elk antler by Claudia Peina, it stands 3.25 inches high and is $75. This frog has a very satisfied expression on his face. Perhaps it has been a very good season for tasty mosquitos. Carved of antler by Robert Weahkee. 3 3/8 inches high and $70.

One of Troy Sice's famous antler bears, this one wearing a turquoise and coral necklace. 2.75 inches high. $350.


 A pair of whales (white whales?) surfacing, carved of mother of pearl by Kevin Chapman. 2 inches high. (the base is 2.75 by 1.5 inches) $140. The unusual owl was carved of Blue Gem turquoise by the inimitable Ricky Laahty. 1 3/8 inches high. $135.