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A Paakwa Mana (Frog Maiden) and a Tsa'kwayna, bit carved by Harold Nevayakytewa from the Lizard Clan of Walpi Village on First Mesa. Each 9 inches high and $250. (SANTA FE)

The Tsa’kwayna katsina is one of the warrior katsinas and is said to represent the spirit of Esteban the Moor, who led the Spanish to Zuni. SOLD

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This Kwaaktsina/Eagle katsina was carved by Kevin Quannie of Supalawi Village on Second Mesa. 14.5 inches high. He has earned countless awards for his carvings and bronze work. $1275. (TUCSON)

A Nuvakmana (Snow Maiden) and Katsinmana, both by Wilfred Kaye of the Badger Clan from the village of Hotvela. Each is just under 15 inches high (despite the difference in the image sizes). each is $800. (BOTH IN TUCSON)


Sootukwnangw. The name literally translates as Star-thunderhead-heart. He appears during the early planting ceremony known as Powamuy or Bean Ceremony but may also come during the plaza dances or katsintikive. He carries a taumpi or windroarer that is spun vigorously to mimic the sound of the wind that brings the clouds that carry the rain. He also carries a wooden device that is used to imitate the striking of lighting as it dramatically springs forth. Carved by Arnold Lomatewama. 15.5 inches to the tip of the feather. $160. (TUCSON)