Though figurative pottery has a long history in the Pueblos, storyteller figures are recent, going back to about 1963 when Helen Cordero of Cochiti made the first one, in honor of her father, Santiago Quintana, a traditional storyteller. Most storyteller figurines come from Cochiti and Jemez (the latter having more storyteller makers, but ones from other pueblos can be found.


The poodle storyteller is by Felicia Fragua and is 6 inches long and about 4 inches high. $160. The Grandfather stoyteller is 5.25 inches high and $220. It was made by Darrick Tsosie of Jemez. (TUCSON)

Felecia Fragua Curley of Jemez Pueblo made this storyteller with an image of the sun looking over the pueblo on the reverse. 5.5 inches high. $185 (SANTA FE, but we have another one by her in Tucson!)

Antoinette Concha just brought in this Koshare line-up. You'll note that besides indulging in their favorite pastime (eating) one is lying back (SOLD), talking on his cell phone while the one at the far right is playing games on his cell phone. The ones lying down are about 5 inches long and those sitting up are about 3.5 inches high. Each is $30. (TUCSON)

Chris and Vera Fragua made the storyteller at left. 7.5 inches high and $350 for seven children and a cat!. (SANTA FE)



Above is a mother and child figurine by Mary Lucero. 2.5 by 1.5 inches. SOLD The figure to the right of that one is by Chris and Vera Fragua. 3.75 inches high. SOLD


Cas Toya of Jemez made the Grandfather storyteller at right which is quite large: 14 inches high. Ten children. $560. (SANTA FE)



All in Santa Fe: Virginia Lucero of Jemez Pueblo made this storyteller wearing a shawl while her two boys vie for the drum. 3.25 inches high. SOLD. The other two are by Dorothy Herrera. Each is 3 inches high and $90. (SANTA FE)

Stephanie Rhodes, who signs her work Snowflake Flower (the English translation of her name) is 85 years old as of this February. She continues to create very charming work in her home at Cochiti. The figures at left is 6 inches high and $225. The one at right is 5 inches high and $180. (SANTA FE)


Elizabeth Manygoats created these two sheep and a goat with their companions. It may be the sheep at right is training her buddy to be a sheepdog. Or maybe the sheepdog is already in charge: after all: he has quite the comfy perch. The goat seems to be ferrying a chicken somewhere and that must be the proverbial Bluebird of Happiness on the other sheep. The sheep with the bluebird has been sold - the FolkArt Museum in Moscow!

The Navajo lady peaceful reading under the tree (which is 4 inches tall) with her dog at her side, was made by Elizabeth Manygoats. $160.  (SANTA FE)


B Antoinette Concha of Jemez (now living at Taos) made each of these. The mother and child at left is 5.25 inches high. $90. The one at right with three children is the same height and $100. (SANTA FE)









This Coyote storyteller is 6.75 inches high and $240.  (SANTA FE)